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Multiplexer Switch ICs
ONSEMI [ON Semiconductor]


The MC14051B, MC14052B, and MC14053BFG  analog multiplexers are digitally−controlled analog switches. The MC14051B effectively implements an SP8T solid state switch, the MC14052B a DP4T, and the MC14053B a Triple SPDT. All three devices feature low ON impedance and very low OFF leakage current. Control of analog signals up to the complete supply voltage range can be achieved.


MC14053BFG Features


• Triple Diode Protection on Control Inputs
• Switch Function is Break Before Make
• Supply Voltage Range = 3.0 Vdc to 18 Vdc
• Analog Voltage Range (VDD − VEE) = 3.0 to 18 V
  Note: VEE must be  VSS
• Linearized Transfer Characteristics
• Low−noise − 12 nV/√Cycle, f ≥ 1.0 kHz Typical
• Pin−for−Pin Replacement for CD4051, CD4052, and CD4053
• For 4PDT Switch, See MC14551B
• For Lower RON, Use the HC4051, HC4052, or HC4053
  High−Speed CMOS Devices
• NLV Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring
  Unique Site and Control Change Requirements; AEC−Q100
  Qualified and PPAP Capable
• These Devices are Pb−Free and are RoHS Compliant

Number of Channels3
Number of Switches3
On Resistance (Max)1050 Ohms
On Time (Max)550 ns
Off Time (Max)550 ns
Propagation Delay Time65 ns
Operating Supply Voltage3 V to 18 V
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