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The   MC908MR32CFUE  is a member of the low-cost, high-performance M68HC08 Family of 8-bit microcontroller units (MCUs). All MCUs in the family use the enhanced M68HC08 central processor unit (CPU08) and are available with a variety of modules, memory sizes and types, and package types.
MC908MR32CFUE  Features
• High-performance M68HC08 architecture
• Fully upward-compatible object code with M6805, M146805, and M68HC05 Families
• 8-MHz internal bus frequency
• On-chip FLASH memory with in-circuit programming capabilities of FLASH program memory: 
  MC68HC908MR32 — 32 Kbytes
  MC68HC908MR16 — 16 Kbytes
• On-chip programming firmware for use with host personal computer
• FLASH data security(1)
• 768 bytes of on-chip random-access memory (RAM)
• 12-bit, 6-channel center-aligned or edge-aligned pulse-width modulator (PWMMC)
• Serial peripheral interface module (SPI)
• Serial communications interface module (SCI)
• 16-bit, 4-channel timer interface module (TIMA)
• 16-bit, 2-channel timer interface module (TIMB)
• Clock generator module (CGM)
• Low-voltage inhibit (LVI) module with software selectable trip points 
• 10-bit, 10-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
Maximum Clock Frequency4 MHz
Program Memory Size32 KB
Data RAM Size768 B
Operating Supply Voltage3.3 V to 5.5 V
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature- 40 C
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