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Triac & SCR Output Optocouplers
FAIRCHILD Semiconductor


The MOC3010SR2M  and MOC302XM series are optically isolated triac driver devices. These devices contain a GaAs infrared emitting diode and a light activated silicon bilateral switch, which functions like a triac. They are designed for interfacing between electronic controls and power triacs to control resistive and inductive loads for 115 VAC operations.


MOC3010SR2M Features


• Excellent IFT stability—IR emitting diode has low degradation
• High isolation voltage—minimum 5300 VAC RMS
• Underwriters Laboratory (UL) recognized—File #E90700
• Peak blocking voltage
  – 250V-MOC301XM
  – 400V-MOC302XM
• VDE recognized (File #94766)
  – Ordering option V (e.g. MOC3023VM)


MOC3010SR2M Applications


• Industrial controls
• Solenoid/valve controls
• Traffic lights
• Static AC power switch
• Vending machines
• Incandescent lamp dimmers
• Solid state relay
• Motor control
• Lamp ballasts

Output DevicePhotoTriac
Number of Channels per Chip1 Channel
Isolation Voltage5300 Vrms
Forward Current60 mA
Forward Voltage1.15 V
Maximum Trigger Current15 mA
Off-state Output Voltage - VDRM250 V
Zero-Crossing CircuitNo
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