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Texas Instruments
The Texas Instruments MSP430(MSP430F437IPN ) series is an ultralow-power microcontroller family consisting of several devices featuring different sets of modules targeted to various applications. The microcontroller is designed to be battery operated for use in extended-time applications. The MSP430 achieves maximum code efficiency with its 16-bit RISC architecture, 16-bit CPU-integrated registers, and a constant generator. The digitally-controlled oscillator provides wake-up from low-power mode to active mode in less than 6 µs. The MSP430x43x and the MSP430x44x series are microcontroller configurations with two built-in 16-bit timers, a fast 12-bit A/D converter, one or two universal serial synchronous/asynchronous communication interfaces (USART), 48 I/O pins, and a liquid crystal driver (LCD) with up to 160 segments.
MSP430F437IPN Features
• Brownout Detector
• Supply Voltage Supervisor/Monitor With Programmable Level Detection
• Five Power Saving Modes
• Wake-Up From Standby Mode in 6 µs
• 16-Bit RISC Architecture, 125-ns Instruction Cycle Time
• 12-Bit A/D Converter With Internal Reference, Sample-and-Hold and Autoscan Feature
• 16-Bit Timer With Three† or Seven‡ Capture/Compare-With-Shadow Registers, Timer_B
• 16-Bit Timer With Three Capture/Compare Registers, Timer_A
• On-Chip Comparator


Core Size16-Bit
Number of I /O48
Program Memory Size32KB (32K x 8 + 256B)
RAM Size1K x 8
Voltage - Supply (Vcc/Vdd)1.8 V ~ 3.6 V
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°C
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