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Logic Gates
FAIRCHILD Semiconductor


The NC7ST00L6X  is a single 2-Input high performance CMOS NAND Gate, with TTL-compatible inputs. Advanced Silicon Gate CMOS fabrication assures high speed and low power circuit operation. ESD protection diodes inherently guard both inputs and output with respect to the VCC and GND rails. High gain circuitry offers high noise immunity and reduced sensitivity to input edge rate. The TTL-compatible inputs facilitate TTL to NMOS/CMOS interfacing. Device performance is similar to MM74HCT but with 1/2 the output current drive of HC/HCT.


NC7ST00L6X Features


• Space saving SOT23 or SC70 5-lead package
• Ultra small MicroPak? leadless package
• High Speed; tPD < 7 ns typ, VCC = 5V, CL = 15 pF
• Low Quiescent Power; ICC < 1 μA typ, VCC = 5.5V
• Balanced Output Drive; 2 mA IOL, −2 mA IOH
• TTL-compatible inputs

Logic FamilyNC7ST
Number of Gates1
Number of Lines (Input / Output)2 / 1
High Level Output Current- 2 mA
Low Level Output Current2 mA
Propagation Delay Time27 ns
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