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The OP777 , OP727 , and OP747ARZ  are precision single , dual, and quad rail-to-rail output single- supply amplifiers featuring micropower operation and rail-to-rail output ranges. These amplifier s provide improved performance over the industry -standard OP07 with ±15 V supplies , and offer the further advantage of true single -supply operation down to V , and smaller package options than any other high-voltage precision bipolar amplifier.Outputs are stable with capacitive loads of over 500 pF. Supply current is less than 300 μA per amplifier at 5 V. 500 Ω series resistors protect the inputs, allowing input signal levels several volts above the positive supply without phase reversal.


OP747ARZ Features


• Low Offset Voltage: 100 V Max
• Low Input Bias Current: 10 nA Max
• Single-Supply Operation: V to 30 V
• Dual-Supply Operation:  V to 15 V
• Low Supply Current: 300 A/Amp Max
• Unity Gain Stable
• No Phase Reversal

Number of Channels per Chip4 Channels
Input Offset Voltage30 uV
Gain Bandwidth Product0.7 MHz
Operating Supply Voltage3 V to 30 V
Supply Current320 uA
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature- 40 C
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