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Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps
Texas Instruments(texas)


The OPA551 and OPA552UA/2K5  are low cost op amps with highvoltage (60V) and high-current (200mA) capability.The OPA551 is unity-gain stable and features high slew rate (15Vμs) and wide bandwidth (3MHz). The OPA552 is optimized for gains of 5 or greater, and offers higher speed with a slew rate of 24V/μs and a bandwidth of 12MHz. Both are suitable for telephony, audio, servo, and test applications.


OPA552UA/2K5 Features


•  High Output Current: 200ma Continuous
•  Low Noise: 14nv/√Hz
•  Fully Protected:
   Thermal Shutdown
   Output Current-Limited
•  Thermal Shutdown Indicator
•  Wide Output Swing: 2v From Rail

Number of Channels1
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (Min)92 dB
Input Offset Voltage3 mV
Input Bias Current (Max)100 pA
Operating Supply Voltage+/- 4 V to +/- 30 V
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
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