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Remote Control Decoder
Remote Control Decoder


PT 2272 is a remote control decoder paired with PT 2262 utilizing CMOS Technology. It has 12 bits of tri-state address pins providing a maximum of 531,441 (or ) address codes; thereby, drastically reducing any code collision and unauthorized code scanning possibilities. PT 2272 is available in several options to suit every application need : variable number of data output pins, latch or momentary output type.


PT2272 Features


  • •CMOS Technology
  • •Low Power Consumption
  • •Very High Noise Immunity
  • •Up to 12 Tri-State Code Address Pins
  • •Up to 6 Data Pins
  • •Wide Range of Operating Voltage: Vcc = 4 ~ 15 Volts
  • •Single Resistor Oscillator
  • •Latch or Momentary Output Type
  • •Available in DIP and SO Package


PT2272 Applications


  • •Car Security System
  • •Garage Door Controller
  • •Remote Control Fan
  • •Home Security/Automation System
  • •Remote Control Toys
  • •Remote Control for Industrial Use
Operating Voltage Vcc4 to 15 V
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