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Voltage References
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The REF02AU/2K5  is a precision 5V voltage reference. The drift is laser trimmed to 10ppm/°C max over the extended industrial and military temperature range. The REF02 provides a stable 5V output that can be externally adjusted over a ±6% range with minimal effect on temperature stability. The REF02 operates from a single supply with an input range of 8V to 40V with a very low current drain of 1mA, and excellent temperature stability due to an improved design. Excellent line and load regulation, low noise, low power, and low cost make the REF02 the best choice whenever a 5V voltage reference is required. Available package options are DIP-8 and SO-8. The REF02AU/2K5 is an ideal choice for portable instrumentation,temperature transducers, Analog-to-Digital (A/D) and Digitalto-Analog (D/A) converters, and digital voltmeters.


REF02AU/2K5 Features


•  Output Voltage: +5v ±0.2% Max
•  Excellent Temperature Stability:
   10ppm/°C Max (–40°C To +85°C)
•  Low Noise: 10μVpp Max (0.1hz To 10hz)
•  Excellent Line Regulation: 0.01%/V Max
•  Excellent Load Regulation: 0.008%/Ma Max
•  Low Supply Current: 1.4ma Max
•  Short-Circuit Protected
•  Wide Supply Range: 8v To 40v
•  Industrial Temperature Range: –40°C To +85°C
•  Package Options: Dip-8, So-8

ProductVoltage References
TopologySeries References
Output Voltage5 V
Initial Accuracy0.2 %
Average Temperature Coefficient (Typ)10 PPM / C
Series VREF - Input Voltage (Max)40 V
Shunt Current (Max)8 mA
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 85 C
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
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