S25FL032P0XMFI011 Datasheet

32-Mbit 3.0 V Flash Memory


General Description
The S25FL032P is a 3.0 V (2.7 V to 3.6 V), single-power-supply Flash memory device. The device consists of 64 uniform 64-KB sectors with the two (top or bottom) 64-KB sectors further split up into thirty-two 4-KB sub sectors. The S25FL032P device is fully backward compatible with the S25FL032A device.
The device accepts data written to Serial Input (SI) and outputs data on Serial Output (SO). The devices are designed to be programmed in-system with the standard system 3.0-V VCC supply.

The S25FL032P device adds the following high-performance features using five new instructions:
■ Dual Output Read using both SI and SO pins as output pins at a clock rate of up to 80 MHz
■ Quad Output Read using SI, SO, W#/ACC, and HOLD# pins as output pins at a clock
   rate of up to 80 MHz
■ Dual I/O High Performance Read using both SI and SO pins as input and output pins at a clock
   rate of up to 80 MHz
■ Quad I/O High Performance Read using SI, SO, W#/ACC, and HOLD# pins as input and output
   pins at a clock rate of up to 80 MHz
■ Quad Page Programming using SI, SO, W#/ACC, and HOLD# pins as input pins to program data
   at a clock rate of up to 80 MHz

Distinctive Characteristics
Architectural Advantages
■ Single power supply operation
   – Full voltage range: 2.7 V to 3.6 V read and write operations
■ Memory architecture
   – Uniform 64-KB sectors
      – Top or bottom parameter block (two 64-KB sectors (top
         or bottom) broken down into 16 4-KB sub-sectors each)
   – 256-byte page size
   – Backward compatible with the S25FL032A device
■ Program
   – Page Program (up to 256 bytes) in 1.5 ms (typical)
   – Program operations are on a page by page basis
   – Accelerated programming mode via 9-V W#/ACC pin
   – Quad Page Programming
■ Erase
   – Bulk erase function
   – Sector erase (SE) command (D8h) for 64-KB sectors
   – Sub-sector erase (P4E) command (20h) for 4-KB sectors
   – Sub-sector erase (P8E) command (40h) for 8-KB sectors
■ Cycling endurance
   – 100,000 cycles per sector typical
■ Data retention
   – 20 years typical
■ Device ID
   – JEDEC standard two-byte electronic signature
   – RES command one-byte electronic signature for backward
■ One time programmable (OTP) area for permanent, secure
   identification; can be programmed and locked at the factory
   or by the customer
■ Common Flash Interface (CFI) compliant: allows host system
   to identify and accommodate multiple flash devices
■ Process technology
   – Manufactured on 0.09 μm MirrorBit® process technology
■ Package option
   – Industry Standard Pinouts
   – 8-pin SO package (208 mils)
   – 16-pin SO package (300 mils)
   – 8-contact USON package (5 x 6 mm)
   – 8-contact WSON package (6 x 8 mm)
   – 24-ball BGA 6 x 8 mm package, 5 x 5 pin configuration
   – 24-ball BGA 6 x 8 mm package, 6 x 4 pin configuration

Performance Characteristics
■ Speed
   – Normal READ (Serial): 40-MHz clock rate
   – FAST_READ (Serial): 104-MHz clock rate (maximum)
   – DUAL I/O FAST_READ: 80-MHz clock rate or
      20 MB/s effective data rate
   – QUAD I/O FAST_READ: 80 MHz clock rate or
      40 MB/s effective data rate
■ Power saving standby mode
   – Standby Mode 80 μA (typical)
   – Deep Power-Down Mode 3 μA (typical)
      Memory Protection Features
■ Memory protection
   – W#/ACC pin works in conjunction with Status Register Bits
      to protect specified memory areas
   – Status Register Block Protection bits (BP2, BP1, BP0) in
      status register configure parts of memory as read-only



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