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Logic - Gates and Inverters
Texas Instruments
The SN74F08(SN74F08DBRG4 ) contains four independent 2-input AND gates. It performs the Boolean functions Y = A • B or Y = A + B in positive logic. The SN74F08 is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.
SN74F08DBRG4 Features
• Package Options Include Plastic Small-Outline Packages and Standard Plastic 300-mil DIPs


Number of Circuits4
Number of Inputs2
Voltage - Supply4.5 V ~ 5.5 V
Current - Output High, Low1mA, 20mA
Logic Level - Low0.8V
Logic Level - High2V
Max Propagation Delay @ V, Max CL5.6ns @ 5V, 50pF
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