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Encoders, Decoders, Multiplexers & Demultiplexers
Texas Instruments(texas)


These quadruple 2-line to 1-line data selectors/multiplexers are designed for 1.65-V to 3.6-V VCC operation.The SN74LVC157ADRG3  devices feature a common strobe (G) input. When G is high, all outputs are low. When G is low, a 4-bit word is selected from one of two sources and is routed to the four outputs. The devices provide true data.


SN74LVC157ADRG3 Features


•  Operate From 1.65 V to 3.6 V
•  Specified From –40°C to 85°C,
   –40°C to 125°C, and –55°C to 125°C
•  Inputs Accept Voltages to 5.5 V
•  Max tpd of 5.2 ns at 3.3 V
•  Latch-Up Performance Exceeds 250 mA Per JESD 17

ProductSelectors / Multiplexers
Logic FamilyLVC
Number of Lines (Input / Output)2 / 1
Propagation Delay Time8.1 ns
Supply Voltage - Max3.6 V
Supply Voltage - Min1.65 V
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