TDA7293 Datasheet

DMOS Audio Amplifier IC


TDA7293 is a high-power high- voltage DMOS audio amplifier IC made by STMICROELECTRONICS. Its rated output power is 100W and maximum operating voltage is120V. And it is a monolithic integrated circuit in Multiwatt15 package which is intended for use as audio class AB amplifier in Hi-Fi field applications, such as home stereo, self powered loudspeakers and Topclass TV.Internal StuctureThe internal stucture of TDA7293 can be devided into three parts: a differential input stage composed by a bipolar transistor, the push stage and the power output stage use FET. Such a structure can be integrated bipolar transistor low noise and power FET linear temperature coefficient tone on the advantage. Awesome, taking into account the the bipolar signal processing circuit and the advantages of the MOS power with low distortion, low noise, high pressure switch machines mute, overheat protection, short circuit protection, etc..TDA7293 PinsPin 1: standby ground; Pin 2 : the inverting input terminal; Pin 3: positive phase input end; Pin 4: ground; Pin 5: detection end of the short-circuit current, usually as vacant; Pin 6: bootstrap end; Pin 7: the positive supply input end (signal processing part); Pin 8: negative power supply input end (signal processing part); Pin 9: standby end; Pin 10: mute end; Pin 11: a buffer driving output end (bridge use); Pin 12 : feedback input terminal; Pin 13: positive power input terminal (the power output stage); Pin 14: power output terminal; Pin 15 : negative power input (power output stage part).TDA7293 Features & Advantages •Wide voltage range and high output current capability is able to supply the highest power into both 4-Ω and 8-Ω loads.•The built-in muting function with turn-on delay simplifies the remote operation avoiding on-off switching noises.•Parallel mode is possible by connecting several devices and using pin11. High output power can be delivered to very low impedance loads, so optimizing the thermal dissipation of the system.


[{"Name":"Operating voltage range:","Value":"± 12V - ± 50V"},{"Name":"Peak output current","Value":"10A"},{"Name":"Output power","Value":"± 40V, 8Ω 100W ; ± 45V, 8Ω 140W; ± 29V, 4Ω 100W"},{"Name":"Total harmonic distortion","Value":"(Po = 5W, f = 1KHz) 0.005%"},{"Name":"Conversion rate","Value":"15V/μs"},{"Name":"Input impedance","Value":"100KΩ"},{"Name":"Frequency response","Value":"20Hz-20Kz"},{"Name":"Package","Value":"15-Multiwatt"},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""}]

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