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4 X 41W Quad Bridge Car Radio Amplifier
UTC [Unisonic Technologies]


The TDA7388 is a new technology class AB Audio Power Amplifier in Flexiwatt 25 package designed for high end car radio applications.


Thanks to the fully complementary PNP/NPN output configuration the TDA7388 allows a rail to rail output voltage swing with no need of bootstrap capacitors. The extremely reduced components count allows very compact sets.


TDA7388 Features


  • •high output power capability
  • •4 x 41w/4ω max.
  • •4 x 25w/4ω @ 14.4v, 1khz, 10%
  • •low distortion
  • •low output noise
  • •st-by function
  • •mute function
  • •automute at min. supply voltage detection
  • •low external component count:
  • –internally fixed gain (26db)
  • –no external compensation
  • –no bootstrap capacitors.


TDA7388 Applications


  • •Output Short Circuit to GND, TO VS, Across the Load
  • •Very Inductive Loads
  • •Overrating Chip Temperature With Soft Thermal Limiter
  • •Load Dump Voltage
  • • Fortuitous Open GND


Operating Supply Voltage VCC18 V
DC Supply Voltage VCC(DC)28 V
Peak Supply Voltage (t = 50ms) VCC(PK)50 V
Peak Supply Voltage (t = 50ms) VCC(PK)4.5 A
Output Peak Current Non Repetitive (t = 100μs) IO5.5 A
Power Dissipation (TC= 70°C) PD80 W
Junction Temperature TJ150 °C
Storage Temperature TSTG-55 to 150 °C
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