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Medium-Power Complementary Silicon Transistors
ONSEMI [ON Semiconductor]
FAIRCHILD Semiconductor
UTC [Unisonic Technologies]
ISC [Inchange Semiconductor Company Limited]
MOTOROLA [Motorola, Inc]
TGS [Tiger Electronic Co.,Ltd]
MCC [Micro Commercial Components]
BOCA [Boca Semiconductor Corporation]
DCCOM [Dc Components]
DIOTEC [Diotec Semiconductor]
KEC [KEC(Korea Electronics)]
MOSPEC [Mospec Semiconductor]
TAITRON [TAITRON Components Incorporated]
SAVANTIC [Savantic, Inc.]
Rectron Semiconductor
Power Innovations Ltd
SemiHow Co.,Ltd.
WEITRON [Weitron Technology]
TRANSYS Electronics Limited


TIP211is Plastic Medium-Power Complementary Silicon Transistors,Designed for general−purpose amplifier and low−speed switching applications.


TIP122 Features


  • • High DC Current Gain —
                     hFE = 2500 (Typ) @ IC = 4.0 Adc
  • •Collector–Emitter Sustaining Voltage — @ 100 mAdc

                     VCEO(sus) = 100 Vdc (Min) 

  • •Low Collector–Emitter Saturation Voltage —

                    VCE(sat) = 2.0 Vdc (Max) @ IC = 3.0 Adc

                    VCE(sat) = 4.0 Vdc (Max) @ IC = 5.0 Adc

  • •Monolithic Construction with Built–In Base–Emitter Shunt Resistors
  • • TO–220AB Compact Package
Collector–Emitter Voltage VCEO100 Vdc
Collector–Base Voltage VCB100Vdc
Emitter–Base Voltage VEB5.0Vdc
Base Current IB120mAdc
Collector Current (Continuous) IC5Vdc
Collector Current (Peak) IC8Vdc
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