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Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps
Texas Instruments


The JFET-input operational amplifiers in the TL074ACN  series are similar to the TL08x series, with low input bias and offset currents and fast slew rate. The low harmonic distortion and low noise make the TL074ACN series ideally suited for high-fidelity and audio preamplifier applications. Each amplifier features JFET inputs (for high input impedance) coupled with bipolar output stages integrated on a single monolithic chip.The C-suffix devices are characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C. The I-suffix devices are characterized for operation from −40°C to 85°C. The M-suffix devices are characterized for operation over the full military temperature range of −55°C to 125°C.


TL074ACN Features


•  Low Power Consumption
•  Wide Common-Mode and Differential
   Voltage Ranges
•  Low Input Bias and Offset Currents
•  Output Short-Circuit Protection
•  Low Total Harmonic Distortion . . . 0.003% Typ

Number of Channels4
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (Min)75 dB
Input Offset Voltage6 mV
Input Bias Current (Max)200 pA
Operating Supply Voltage7 V to 36 V, +/- 3.5 V to +/- 18 V
Mounting StyleThrough Hole
Package / CasePDIP-14
Slew Rate13 V/us
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 70 C
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