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Voltage References
Texas Instruments
The  TL7726CDG4  consists of six identical clamping circuits that monitor an input voltage with respect to a reference value, REF. For an input voltage (VI) in the range of GND to < REF, the clamping circuits present a very high impedance to ground, drawing current of less than 10 µA. The clamping circuits are active for VI < GND or VI> REF when they have a very low impedance and can sink up to 25 mA. These characteristics make the TL7726 ideal as protection devices for CMOS semiconductor devices in environments where there are large positive or negative transients to protect analog-to-digital converters in automotive or industrial systems. The use of clamping circuits provides a safeguard against potential latch-up.
TL7726CDG4 Features
• Protects Against Latch-Up
• 25-mA Current Sink in Active State
• Less Than 1-mW Dissipation in Standby Condition
• Ideal for Applications in Environments Where Large Transient Spikes Occur
• Stable Operation for All Values of Capacitive Load
• No Output Overshoot


Mounting Style:SMD/SMT
Package / Case:SOIC-8
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