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Data Acquisition - Analog to Digital Converters (ADC)
Texas Instruments
The TLC548 and TLC549(TLC549CDG4 ) are CMOS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) integrated circuits built around an 8-bit switched-capacitor successive-approximation ADC. These devices are designed for serial interface with a microprocessor or peripheral through a 3-state data output and an analog input. The TLC548 and TLC549 use only the input/output clock (I/O CLOCK) input along with the chip select (CS) input for data control. The maximum I/O CLOCK input frequency of the TLC548 is 2.048 MHz, and the I/O CLOCK input frequency of the TLC549 is specified up to 1.1 MHz.
TLC549CDG4 Features
• Microprocessor Peripheral or Standalone Operation
• 8-Bit Resolution A/D Converter
• Differential Reference Input Voltages
• Conversion Time . . . 17 µs Max
• Total Access and Conversion Cycles Per Second
– TLC548 . . . up to 45 500
– TLC549 . . . up to 40 000
• On-Chip Software-Controllable Sample-and-Hold Function
• 4-MHz Typical Internal System Clock
• Wide Supply Range . . . 3 V to 6 V
• Low Power Consumption . . . 15 mW Max
• Ideal for Cost-Effective, High-Performance Applications including Battery-Operated Portable Instrumentation
• Pinout and Control Signals Compatible With the TLC540 and TLC545 8-Bit A/D Converters and with the TLC1540 10-Bit A/D Converter
• CMOS Technology


Number of Bits8
Sampling Rate (Per Second)40k
Number of Converters1
Number of Converters15mW
Operating Temperature0°C ~ 70°C
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