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High Speed Optocouplers

The   TLP113   is a small outline coupler, suitable for surface mount assembly. TLP113 consists of a GaA ?As light emitting diode, optically coupled to an integrated high gain, high speed phot odetector whose output is an open collector, schottky clamped transistor.


TLP113 Features

• Input current thresholds: I F =10mA(max.)
• Switching speed: 10MBd(typ.)
• TTL / LSTTL compatible: V CC=5V
• Guaranteed performance over temp.: 0~70°C
• Isolation voltage: 2500Vrms(min.)
• UL recognized: UL1577 file no. E67349

Maximum Baud Rate10 Mbps
Maximum Forward Diode Voltage1.8 V
Maximum Reverse Diode Voltage5 V
Maximum Power Dissipation40 mW
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 70 C
Minimum Operating Temperature0 C
Isolation Voltage2500 Vrms
Maximum Continuous Output Current25 mA
Maximum Forward Diode Current20 mA
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