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Data Acquisition - Digital to Analog Converters (DAC)
Texas Instruments
The TLV5616(TLV5616CD ) is a 12-bit voltage output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with a flexible 4-wire serial interface. The 4-wire serial interface allows glueless interface to TMS320, SPI, QSPI, and Microwire serial ports. The TLV5616 is programmed with a 16-bit serial string containing 4 control and 12 data bits. Developed for a wide range of supply voltages, the TLV5616 can operate from 2.7 V to 5.5 V. The resistor string output voltage is buffered by a x2 gain rail-to-rail output buffer. The buffer features a Class AB output stage to improve stability and reduce settling time. The settling time of the DAC is programmable to allow the designer to optimize speed versus power dissipation. The settling time is chosen by the control bits within the 16-bit serial input string. A high-impedance buffer is integrated on the REFIN terminal to reduce the need for a low source impedance drive to the terminal.
TLV5616CD Features
• 12-Bit Voltage Output DAC
• Programmable Settling Time vs Power Consumption
- 3 µs in Fast Mode
- 9 µs in Slow Mode
• Ultra Low Power Consumption:
- 900 µW Typ in Slow Mode at 3 V
- 2.1 mW Typ in Fast Mode at 3 V
• Differential Nonlinearity . . . <0.5 LSB Typ
• Compatible With TMS320 and SPI Serial Ports
• Power-Down Mode (10 nA)
• Buffered High-Impedance Reference Input
• Voltage Output Range . . . 2 Times the Reference Input Voltage
• Monotonic Over Temperature
• Available in MSOP Package
TLV5616CD Applications
• Digital Servo Control Loops
• Digital Offset and Gain Adjustment
• Industrial Process Control
• Machine and Motion Control Devices
• Mass Storage Devices


Number of Bits12
Number of Converters1
Power Dissipation (Max)2.1mW
Operating Temperature0°C ~ 70°C
Sampling Rate (Per Second)102k
Number of Outputs and Type1 Voltage, Unipolar
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