TPS28225dr Datasheet

High-Frequency 4-A Sink Synchronous MOSFET Driver


The TPS28225dr is a high-speed driver for N-channel complimentary driven power MOSFETs with adaptive dead-time control. This driver is optimized for use in variety of high-current one and multi-phase dc-to-dc converters. The TPS28225 is a solution that provides highly efficient, small size low EMI emmissions. The performance is achieved by up to 8.8-V gate drive voltage,14-ns adaptive dead-time control,14-ns propagation delays and high-current 2-A source and 4-A sink drive capability. The 0.4-W impedance for the lower gate driver holds the gate of power MOSFET below its threshold and ensures no shoot-through current at high dV/dt phase node transitions. The bootstrap capacitor charged by an internal diode allows use of N-channel MOSFETs in half-bridge configuration. The TPS28225dr features a 3-state PWM input compatible with all multi-phase controllers employing 3-state output feature. As long as the input stays within 3-state window for the 250-ns hold-off time,the driver switches both outputs low. This shutdown mode prevents a load from the reversedoutput-voltage. The other features include under voltage lockout,thermal shutdown and two-way enable/power good signal. Systems without 3-state featured controllers can use enable/power good input/output to hold both outputs low during shutting down. The TPS28225dr is offered in an economical SOIC-8 and thermally enhanced low-size Dual Flat No-Lead (DFN-8) packages. The driver is specified in the extended temperature range of &ndash;40&deg;C to 125&deg;C with the absolute maximum junction temperature 150&deg;C. FeaturesDrives Two N-Channel MOSFETs with 14-ns Adaptive Dead TimeWide Gate Drive Voltage: 4.5V Up to 8.8V With Best Efficiency at 7V to 8VWide Power System Train Input Voltage: 3V Up to 27VWide Input PWM Signals: 2.0V up to 13.2-V AmplitudeCapable Drive MOSFETs with 340-A Current per PhaseHigh Frequency Operation: 14ns Propagation Delay and 10ns Rise/Fall Time Allow Fsw -2MHzCapable Propagate <30-ns Input PWM Pulses Low-Side Driver Sink On-Resistance (0.4W)Prevents dV/dT Related Shoot-Through Current3-State PWM Input for Power Stage ShutdownSpace Saving Enable (input) and Power Good (output) Signals on Same PinThermal ShutdownUVLO ProtectionInternal Bootstrap DiodeEconomical SOIC-8 and Thermally Enhanced 3-mm x 3-mm DFN-8 PackagesHigh Performance Replacement for Popular 3-State Input Drivers ApplicationsMulti-Phase DC-to-DC Converters with Analog or Digital ControlDesktop and Server VRMs and EVRDsPortable/Notebook RegulatorsSynchronous Rectification for Isolated Power Supplies


[{"Name":"Maximum Input supply voltage range","Value":"–0.3 to 8.8V"},{"Name":"Maximum Input voltage range","Value":"–0.3 to 13.2V"},{"Name":"Maximum Output voltage range","Value":"–0.3 to +0.3V"},{"Name":"Operating ambient temperature","Value":"-65 to +150 °C"},{"Name":"Storage temperature","Value":"300 °C"},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""}]

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