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Power Factor Correction ICs
Texas Instruments(texas)


The UC2854DW  provides active power factor correction for power systems that otherwise would draw non-sinusoidal current from sinusoidal power lines. This device implements all the control functions necessary to build a power supply capable of optimally using available power-line current while minimizing line-current distortion. To do this,the UC2854DW contains a voltage amplifier, an analog multiplier/divider,a current amplifier, and a fixed-frequency PWM. In addition, the UC2854DW contains a power MOSFET compatible gate driver, 7.5V reference,line anticipator, load-enable comparator, low-supply detector,and over-current comparator.


UC2854DW Features


• Control Boost PWM to 0.99 Power Factor
• Limit Line Current Distortion To <5%
• World-Wide Operation Without Switches
• Feed-Forward Line Regulation
• Average Current-Mode Control
• Low Noise Sensitivity
• Low Start-Up Supply Current
• Fixed-Frequency PWM Drive
• Low-Offset Analog Multiplier/Divider
• 1A Totem-Pole Gate Driver
• Precision Voltage Reference

Switching Frequency118 kHz
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 85 C
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Package / CaseSOIC-16
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