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Switching Controllers
Texas Instruments(texas)


The UCC2808APW-2  is a family of BiCMOS push-pull, high-speed, low-power, pulse-width modulators. The UCC2808APW-2 contains all of the control and drive circuitry required for off-line or dc-to-dc fixed frequency current-mode switching power supplies with minimal external parts count.


UCC2808APW-2 Features


•  Dual Output Drive Stages in Push-Pull Configuration
•  Current Sense Discharge Transistor to Improve Dynamic Response
•  130-μA Typical Starting Current
•  1-mA Typical Run Current
•  Operation to 1 MHz
•  Internal Soft Start
•  On-Chip Error Amplifier With 2-MHz Gain Bandwidth Product
•  On Chip VDD Clamping
•  Output Drive Stages Capable of 500-mA
   Peak-Source Current, 1-A Peak-Sink Current

Switching Frequency1000 kHz
Output Current1000 mA
Number of Outputs2
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 85 C
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Package / CaseTSSOP-8
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