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Power Driver ICs
Texas Instruments


The  UCC37323DGN  /4/5 family of high-speed dual MOSFET drivers can deliver large peak currents into capacitive loads.Three standard logic options are offered – dual-inverting, dual-noninverting and one-inverting and one-noninverting driver. The thermally enhanced 8-pin PowerPADTM MSOP package (DGN) drastically lowers the thermal resistance to improve long-term reliability.It is also offered in the standard SOIC-8 (D) or PDIP-8(P) packages.


UCC37323DGN Features


• Industry-Standard Pin-Out
• High Current Drive Capability of ±4 A at the
  Miller Plateau Region
• Efficient Constant Current Sourcing Using a
Unique BiPolar & CMOS Output Stage
• TTL/CMOS Compatible Inputs Independent of
  Supply Voltage
• 20-ns Typical Rise and 15-ns Typical Fall
  Times with 1.8-nF Load
• Typical Propagation Delay Times of 25 ns with
  Input Falling and 35 ns with Input Rising
• 4-V to 15-V Supply Voltage
• Supply Current of 0.3 mA
• Dual Outputs Can Be Paralleled for Higher
  Drive Current
• Available in Thermally Enhanced MSOP
  PowerPADTM Package with 4.7°C/W θjc
• Rated From –40°C to 85°C

Number of Drivers2
Rise Time40 ns
Fall Time40 ns
Supply Voltage - Min4.5 V
Supply Current0.45 mA
Maximum Power Dissipation2120 mW
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 70 C
Package / CaseTSSOP-8
TypeLow Side
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