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  • Check their certification,quality control and other important business info in their Audit Reports.
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What Are Verified Suppliers?
"Verified Suppliers" is authenticated by HQEW.net to audit suppliers’ comprehensive capacity. After inspected by HQEW.net Team onsite, “Verified Suppliers” can get a credible “Audit Report”. Audit logo and “Audit Report” of “Verified Suppliers” will be displayed on Hqew.net, which helps the oversea buyers to get better understanding of the suppliers, improve communication efficiency and build trust fast!
Why Choose Verified Suppliers?
Pre-Inspected Onsite
All Verified Suppliers have been inspected onsite by “HQEW.net Team”
Detailed Audit Report Online
Get all the information you need to trade confidently with suppli-ers
Easy to Find
Find the products you need from Verified Suppliers using our sea-rch filter
Finding Verified Suppliers is easy as 1-2-3
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Latest Verified Suppliers
Shenzhen Meilejoy Co.,LimitedJun 04, 2014
Verified supplier
Nortion Technology(HK)Co., Ltd.Mar 25, 2014
Verified supplier
YeFeng International Trade Co.,LtdMar 17, 2014
Verified supplier
Hitech Semiconductor Co., Ltd.Dec 01, 2013
Verified supplier
ZHW HIGH-TECH(HK) Company LimitedNov 05, 2013
Verified supplier