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2450 represents the standard size of the battery

Rated voltage




What is CR2450?

CR2450 button lithium manganese dioxide battery is named according to IEC standard. Among them, C- uses lithium metal as the negative electrode and manganese dioxide as the positive battery. CR- indicates that the shape of the battery is button type.2450 represents the standard size of the battery. The button cell is named the first two digits (less than 10mm is a single digit) and the latter two figures are the thickness. 24 of 2450 indicates that the diameter is 24.5mm, and 50 represents the height of the battery is 5.0mm.The battery voltage of the button type lithium manganese battery is 3.0V, and the open circuit voltage is usually 3.1-3.3V.

CR2450 Working current

Working current is the current value that the battery can output when it works. The current value of the rated CR2450 is 0.2mA. It is mainly used in low power electronic products. The battery can provide the output current of 0.001mA to 5mA, the continuous output current can reach 15mA, the flash output current can reach 30mA, which can satisfy the luminescence of most small electronic products. Sound, radio frequency output and other requirements.


CR2450 Capacity

Rated capacity is the current value of the output of the battery at rated time and rated power, usually at mAh or milli ampere hour.

Under the IEC standard, the capacity of CR2450 is more than 520mAh.




Manganese Dioxide Powder

Colloid Graphite Powder


Lithium slice


Ethylene Glycol DimethylEther

Propylene Carbonate

Luthium Perchioride


Stainless stell shell


Fiberglass Septum,Acetylene Black

CR2450 Applied range

CR2450 Lithium Button Cell Battery usually uses in the following series:

1. Used as backup power supply for instruments, meters and industrial control boards.

2. Luminescent, acoustic electronic products.

How to use CR2450 (the way to connect with the PCB board)

1.Use the battery seat; the foot of a plug-in or patch on the battery seat can be soldered to the hole or weld plate of the PCB board by soldering. The battery is placed in the battery seat;

2. Spot welding, welding pins on the battery, and then welding the foot battery on the PCB board. It is important to note that:

A. Battery spot welding will generate high temperature and pressure, which can easily damage the electrical performance of batteries. Therefore, non professional manufacturers can not spot weld the battery.

B. The spot welding battery can not pass the wave soldering, resulting in the battery short circuit resulting in scrapping.

What you need to notice when using CR2450 Battery

Lithium batteries contain chemical materials with unstable properties, such as lithium, organic solvents, and some chemical components. The incorrect use of lithium batteries may cause heating, fire, or explosion, which may cause personal injury. To avoid accidents caused by batteries, please read the following instructions carefully:


Don't heap the batteries together in a mess. When using and storing batteries, the positive and negative electrodes of the battery should be directly contacted and the surface contact between the battery and other metal materials should be avoided. Because this will cause the battery short circuit with strong current, and generate a lot of heat, causing the battery to fire and explode.


Do not throw the battery into the fire. Batteries are extremely dangerous when they are placed in fire. They may cause explosion and combustion.


Do not heat the battery. When the lithium battery is heated to 100 degrees C (212 F), the sealing ring and other parts are made of resin and other materials. The material may be melted when heated, causing the electrolyte leakage and internal short circuit, which may cause the explosion to fire.


Do not weld directly on the surface of the battery. Heat generated during welding may damage the sealing aprons and other parts, resulting in electrolyte leakage and internal short circuit, which may cause an explosion and fire.


Do not charge the battery. If the battery is charged, it will cause gas inside the battery, causing rapid expansion of the battery and explosion and fire.


Do not split the battery. Splitting the battery produces a gas that stimulates the throat. At the same time, the lithium inside the battery is liable to produce strong chemical reactions with water and air.


Do not make the battery deformed. When the battery is applied to strong pressure, the seal ring of the battery and the other parts of the battery will be deformed and damaged, resulting in the leakage of the battery and the internal short circuit, which makes the battery hot, fire and exploding.


Different types of batteries can not be mixed. Due to the different voltage and capacity of different types of batteries and old and new batteries, mixing them will lead to the danger of expansion and explosion caused by excessive discharge of batteries.


Properly install and use batteries to prevent battery short circuit and misalignment of positive and negative poles. Different electrical appliances should be matched with the corresponding batteries. When installing, pay attention to whether the positive and negative electrodes of the battery match the positive and negative polarity of the electrical appliances.

CR2450 Distributor

CR-2450/BNPanasonic2500vericallithium coin 3V 620MAH Primary
CR-2450/G1ANPanasonic50ArrowLithium Battery Coin 3V 620mAh primary though Hole
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