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How to use uln2003apg--ULN2003apg circuit and application
/ 2018/7/5 10:23:40 / Tech

What is ULN2003apg

ULN2003apg,made by toshiba, is a large current driving array. It is widely used in MCU, intelligent instrument, PLC, digital output card and other control circuits. It can directly drive the relay and other loads.This page we will show you how to use uln2003apg--ULN2003apg circuit and application,drivers and etc.

ULN2003apg image






About 0.55~0.85RMB


Single chip microcomputer digital output card and other control circuits

  • uln2003apg function and characteristic

It belongs to the high resistance and High Current Darlington tube IC, ULN2003APG and ULN2003 are the same line products. The high withstand voltage and High Current Darlington array consists of seven silicon NPN Darlington tubes.

Each pair of Darlington in ULN2003 is connected with a 2.7K base resistance, which can be connected directly to the TTL and CMOS circuits at the operating voltage of the 5V, and can directly handle the data that the standard logic buffer is required to deal with.

The ULN2003 has high working voltage, high working current, and the current can reach 500mA, and it can withstand the voltage of 50V in the closed state, and the output can also run in parallel with high load current.

The ULN2003 also has a diode that eliminates the coil back EMF and can be used to drive the relay. It is a double row 16 foot package, NPN transistor matrix, maximum driving voltage =50V, current =500mA, input voltage =5V, suitable for TTL COMS, composed of Darlington transistors. ULN is an integrated Darlington tube IC, which also integrates a diode with a coils anti electromotive force. Its output is allowed to pass through a current of 200mA, a saturation voltage drop of about VCE about 1V, and a voltage resistance of about 36V. The external load of the user outlet can be estimated based on the above parameters. The output current is large with the open circuit of the collector. Therefore, it can directly drive relays or solid state relays, or directly drive low-voltage bulbs. Usually when the microcontroller drives ULN2003, the resistance of up 2K is more suitable. At the same time, the COM pin should be suspended or connected to the power supply.

  • uln2003apg applications

Typical usage of the ULN2003A is in driver circuits for relays, lamp and LED displays, stepper motors, logic buffers and line drivers.

how to use uln2003apg

  • uln2003apg pinout

The function of uln2003apg pinout is as following:

uln2003apg pinout

The function of uln2003apg pinout table
Pin 1CPU pulse input port corresponds to a signal output terminal.
Pin 2CPU pulse input terminal.
Pin 3CPU pulse input terminal.
Pin 4CPU pulse input terminal.
Pin 5CPU pulse input terminal.
Pin 6CPU pulse input terminal.
Pin 7CPU pulse input terminal.
Pin 8grounding.
Pin 9the pin is the common end of 7 internal current diode diodes, and the positive electrodes of the diodes are connected to the collectors of Darlington tubes respectively. When used for inductive load, the foot is connected with the positive pole of the load power to realize the function of freewheeling. If the foot is grounded, it is in fact the collector of the Darlington tube is connected to the ground.
Pin 10pulse signal output, corresponding to the 7 foot signal input.
Pin 11pulse signal output, corresponding to the 6 foot signal input.
Pin 12pulse signal output, corresponding to the 5 foot signal input.
Pin 13pulse signal output, corresponding to the 4 foot signal input.
Pin 14pulse signal output, corresponding to the 3 foot signal input.
Pin 15pulse signal output, corresponding to the 2 foot signal input.
Pin 16pulse signal output, corresponding to the 1 foot signal input.

  • uln2003apg features

  1. 500mA rated collector current (single output)

  2. high voltage output: 50V

  3. compatibility of input and various logical types

  4. relay driver

  •  uln2003apg driver

Just see the following uln2003apg diagram:

uln2003apg diagram

As shown in the figure, the microcontroller on the left is controlled by IO, and it can be used all the way, such as IN1. On the right, the DC motor is connected to the OUT1. One end of the DC motor is connected to the OUT1 and the other end is connected to a power supply. In this way, when the IN1 is high, the OUT1 outputs a low level, which allows the motor to turn. When you want to stop, IN1 can enter 0.

 uln2003apg circuit

  • 1. uln2003apg Equivalent Circuits

The equivalent circuit diagrams may be simplified or some parts of them may be omitted for explanatory


  • 2. uln2003apg Test Circuits

Components in the test circuits are used only to obtain and confirm the device characteristics. These

components and circuits are not guaranteed to prevent malfunction or failure from occurring in the application equipment. 

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