I heard that there is a Spider-Man in Huawei P30 Pro, what?

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Core Device Vendor:

Specifications for P30 Pro:

1 , 6.47-inch OLED display, FHD+ resolution (2340× 1080)

2, 8 core Huawei Kirin 980 processor with dual neural network processing unit and MALI-G76 MP10 GPU

3,6 GB+128 GB, 8 GB+512 GB

P30 Pro (left/bottom) is 3 mm taller than its predecessor, 0.61 mm thick and 0.5 mm wide.

We noticed a very tight gap between the frame and the back glass, which is almost invisible to the naked eye. The back cover is made of glass by the backing glue. Made to improve the performance of the device, making wireless charging possible.

Subsequent It is a wireless charging coil attached to the cover of the motherboard. It also has some antennas and an orange flexible cable to connect the two contacts.This charging coil not only charges the phone, but it can also charge your mouse, electric razor or toothbrush. It seems that by 2019, reverse charging has become the standard configuration for flagship phones.

It is understood that the ultra-sensing Leica three-shot, including 40 million pixel super-sensing lens, 16 million pixel super wide-angle lens, 8 million large pixel telephoto lens.

HUAWEI P30 Pro uses ultra-sensing Leica four-shot, including 40-megapixel super-sensing lens, 20-megapixel super wide-angle lens, 8 million-pixel periscope telephoto lens and a ToF Lens.

Further look at the motherboard. This compact circuit has multiple stacks.

Hynix's LPDDR 44X memory chip

Micron's 128GB flash memory

Huawei Kirin 980

His HI6363 GFCV100 RF Transceiver

SkyWorks 78191-11 front-end module for WCDMA/LTE

QORVO 77031 front-end module

screen speaker

from Liu Haiping to drip screen, pearl The key is how to deal with the traditional front earpiece. The P30 series uses the “screen sound technology” to embed the vibration speaker module in the phone to reduce the space on the screen.

This is almost like a "normal" speaker, but it does not generate sound waves by the diaphragm, but sounds through a vibrating rigid surface (glass screen), equivalent to the screen Converted to a speaker.

The drive section of the module consists of a coil with a magnet in between, which is connected to the part of the vibrating screen and the screen is glued to the back of the display.

Full-screen sound technology:No need to aim at the handset again.

The sound of the curtain is indeed a new thing. This technology was first promoted from a flagship TV A1 of Sony. This TV adopts the screen technology of “black technology”, the whole screen is equivalent to a speaker diaphragm, and the sound is transmitted to the screen through two symmetrical devices behind the fuselage, and then sounds.

Sony flagship TV A1 uses screen sound technology (picture from Sony's official website)

vivo APEX also adopted Screen sound technology, the sound is transmitted by the exciter, the middle frame, and the glass step by step.Eventually, the user feels through the screen vibration.

This design scheme consumes less power, has less leakage, and has a better sense of hearing, while ensuring the integrity of the full screen.

In addition, another advantage of this solution is that when you answer the phone, only you know it, others can't hear it, and to a certain extent, the user's privacy is not violated. .

VIVO Huawei has chosen full-screen sound technology, and get rid of the drawbacks of the traditional top "slots" occupies the top space.

Full-screen sounding drives the entire screen through the micro-cell vibration, which is equivalent to the entire screen is the handset, unlike the previous ear to the earpiece to hear Calling, now when you call, your ear can be heard clearly when you are close to the screen. It is both beautiful and easy to use.

vivo NEX full-screen sound technology

Review the USB-C interface, which is connected to a long interconnect cable . If the consumer chooses to charge wirelessly, the wear on the port should be greatly reduced.

Next you can see the screen fingerprint chip module, which is compatible with onePlus 6T, Xiaomi Mi 9 and The Goodix GM185 optical scanner in Vivo Nex S is the same. (Provided by Huiding Technology)

In fact, the screen fingerprint module of Huawei P30 Pro itself is an optical Sensor, plus this screen fingerprint recognition module, there are 6 cameras in the Huawei P30 Pro phone.

The typical capacity of the battery Is 16.04 Wh (4200 mAh 3.82 V),Equivalent to Mate 20 Pro.

Battery with these conveniences Pull ring,I have seen it before in Mate 20 Pro. Although the labels for 1 and "2" are somewhat useless (don't mistake them for sticky tabs), the number 3 helps us pull the energy battery out of the case.

waterproof level

P30 IP53 level description: This phone is not a professional waterproof phone, in normal use It can be splash-proof, water-resistant and dust-proof. It has been tested under controlled laboratory conditions and its effect has reached IP53 level under GB/T 4208-2017 (domestic) / IEC 60529 (overseas) standards.

P30Pro IP68 level description: This phone is not a professional waterproof phone, it can be splash-proof, water-proof and dust-proof under normal use.Tested under controlled laboratory conditions, the effect is IP68 rated under GB/T 4208-2017 (domestic) / IEC 60529 (overseas) standards.

The P30 is slightly disappointing to the IP53 level, and the level description remarks a lot of conditions. The merchant should be prepared for the reason of the water supply without warranty. .

The waterproof performance of the electronic device uses the internationally certified IPXX rating. The meaning of IP is actually the abbreviation of English Ingress Protection, which translates to the protection level.

The two numbers behind the IP, the front represents the dust-proof level, the latter represents the waterproof level, and the waterproof phone that I heard most should be Samsung.

Waterproof is also a big selling point for Samsung mobile phones,Samsung's s series note series is Samsung's two flagships, representing the highest level of Samsung mobile phones, they all support IP68 waterproof rating, which is the highest waterproof rating.

According to Samsung's official introduction, this IP68 waterproof is able to work continuously for two hours in deep water of ten meters without water. For our average consumer, this is equivalent to throwing the phone. In the water, it is no problem to wash it by the way.

And Samsung officially introduced that the Samsung mobile phone is not only waterproof but also supports underwater operation and even underwater photography. In all of our previous tests, the Samsung series is not only a waterproof phone, but also a waterproof phone.And it is no exaggeration to say that Samsung's underwater operation is also the best among mobile phone manufacturers.

The current waterproof level of Huawei's P30 has improved a lot compared to the previous Mate9 and other mobile phones. However, the IP53 mobile phone, or the IP68 that has been remarked, should still have the risk of not entering the water at the time of warranty.

But because the camera is blurred, it is notified by the maintenance point when the warranty is to be repaired:

1, the serial number of the mobile phone is inconsistent with the serial number of the battery, and no warranty is provided (the internal purchase machine indicates that the internal purchase machine is indeed a return repair machine;After the Huawei customer service reply, it was confirmed that the internal purchase machine was returned for the return machine. )

2, the waterproof standard turns red, after the sale is judged to be liquid, no warranty (Huawei customer service said: the user claims that it has not entered the water, can not verify the use Scene; the results of Huawei's testing shall prevail.)

3. Call 12315, 12345. Consumer Association said that it only supervises the merchants; if it disagrees with the test results, it will find a third-party agency to conduct the test.

4. User statement: The fault has nothing to do with water inlet; the maintenance point and telephone customer service indicate that once water is entered, no warranty is given.

The retail price of a Mate9 rear camera is $85, and it seems that it can only be read by the disassembly report.

Huawei Mate 9 only supports IPX2 level, which means that the 15-degree tilt drip experiment does not have any waterproof function.

Possibly, if you run your phone and sweat, your watermark will change color.

Because of the problem of waterproofing, no warranty, there should be a general phenomenon Not a case.

Also Mate9 camera blur is also common:


1, the internal structure is closer;

2, a large amount of glue fixed;

3, not easy to disassemble, not easy to repair;

4. Serious adhesion of the front and rear glass means greater risk of breakage and is difficult to repair;

5, the screen change workload;

6, P30 waterproof rating is slightly disappointing, marked with waterproof rating and a lot of explanations, worry about the warranty.

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