100370F Datasheet

Low Power Universal Demultiplexer/decoder


Features, Applications

The 100370 universal demultiplexer/decoder functions as either a dual 1-of-4 decoder as a single 1-of-8 decoder, depending on the signal applied to the Mode Control (M) input. In the dual mode, each half has a pair of active-LOW Enable (E) inputs. Pin assignments for the E inputs are such that in the 1-of-8 mode they can easily be tied together in pairs to provide two active-LOW enables to E2b). Signals applied to auxiliary inputs Ha, Hb and Hc determine whether the outputs are active HIGH or active LOW. In the dual 1-of-4 mode the Address inputs are A0a, A1a and A0b, A1b with A2a unused (i.e., left open, tied to VEE or with LOW signal applied). In the 1-of-8 mode, the Address inputs are A1a, A2a with A0b and A1b LOW or open. All inputs have 50 k pulldown resistors.


35% power reduction of the 100170 2000V ESD protection Pin/function compatible with 100170 Voltage compensated operating range to -5.7V

Description Address Inputs Enable Inputs Mode Control Input Z0�Z3 (Z0a�Z3a) Polarity Select Input Z4�Z7 (Z0b�Z3b) Polarity Select Input Common Polarity Select Input Single 1-of-8 Data Outputs Dual 1-of-4 Data Outputs

Inputs Z0a Z0b Active HIGH Outputs (Ha and Hb Inputs HIGH) Z0a Z0b Active LOW Outputs (Ha and Hb Inputs LOW) Z3a Z3b

Inputs A0a Z0 Active HIGH Outputs (Note 2) (Hc Input HIGH) Z6 Z7

H = HIGH Voltage Level L = LOW Voltage Level X = Don't Care = E1a and E1b wired; = E22a and E2b wired Note 2: for Hc = LOW, output states are complemented



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