1812L260 Datasheet

Surface Mount PTC


Features, Applications

Complies with electronic industry environmental standards for lead reduction. PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Terminal Material: Tin Plated Copper Device Labeling: Device is marked with LF and amperage rating. AGENCY APPROVALS: Recognized under the Components Program of

Underwriters Laboratories and the Acceptance program of CSA. TUV approved.

Packaging: 12mm tape and reel carrier per EIA 481 Standard. Standard reel quantity: 0.50-1.60A: 2,000 devices on 7" reel (PRT Suffix). 2.00-2.60A: 1,000 devices on 7" reel (MR Suffix). Optional reel quantity: 0.50-1.60A: 8,000 devices on 13" reel (ZRT Suffix). Temperature Rerating Curve:

AGENCY FILE NUMBERS: UL E183209, CSA LR108832. ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS: Passive Aging: 85�C, 1000 Hours. Humidity Aging: 85�C, 85% R.H., 100 hours. Thermal Shock: 40�C, 20 times. Vibration: MIL-STD 202, Method 201, MIL-STD-883, Method 2007. Mechanical Shock: MIL-STD-202, Method 213 test condition I (100 g's, 6 sec.). Solvent Resistance: MIL-STD-202, Method 215. Operating/Storage Temperature: to 85�C Device should remain in sealed bags prior to use. Temperature Rerating:

Reflow Solder 245�C, 20 seconds maximum Wave Solder 245�C, 10 seconds maximum
Electrical Characteristics: Maximum Time To Trip Current Time (A) (Sec) Resistance R AT

Hold Current: maximum current device will sustain for 4 hours without tripping in 20�C still air. Trip Current: minimum current at which the device will trip in 20�C still air. Maximum voltage device can withstand without damage at rated current (Imax) Maximum fault current device can withstand without damage at rated voltage (Vmax) Power dissipated from device when in the tripped state at 20�C still air. Minimum resistance of device in initial (un-soldered) state. Maximum measured resistance in the non-tripped state 1 hour after reflow with reflow conditions of 245�C

CAUTION: Operation beyond the specified ratings may result in damage and possible arcing and flame.



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