1N5382B Datasheet

5 Watt Surmetic&#153 40 Zener Voltage Regulators , Package: Axial Lead, Pins=2


Features, Applications
1N5333B Series 5 Watt SurmeticE 40 Zener Voltage Regulators

This is a complete series of 5 Watt Zener diodes with tight limits and better operating characteristics that reflect the superior capabilities of silicon�oxide passivated junctions. All this in an axial�lead, transfer�molded plastic package that offers protection in all common environmental conditions.

Zener Voltage Range 200 V ESD Rating of Class 3 (>16 KV) per Human Body Model Surge Rating 8.3 ms Maximum Limits Guaranteed up to Six Electrical Parameters

Mechanical Characteristics: CASE: Void free, transfer�molded, thermosetting plastic FINISH: All external surfaces are corrosion resistant and leads are

230�C, 1/16 from the case for 10 seconds POLARITY: Cathode indicated by polarity band MOUNTING POSITION: Any

Rating Max. Steady State Power Dissipation = 75�C, Lead Length = 3/8 Derate above 75�C Operating and Storage Temperature Range Symbol PD Value 5 40 TJ, Tstg to +200 Unit W mW/�C �C

= Assembly Location = Device Code = (See Table Next Page) = Year = Work Week

Device 1N53xxBRL 1N53xxBTA* Package Axial Lead Axial Lead Axial Lead Shipping 1000 Units/Box 4000/Tape & Reel 2000/Ammo Pack

Devices listed in bold, italic are ON Semiconductor Preferred devices. Preferred devices are recommended choices for future use and best overall value.

otherwise noted, 1.2 V Max 1.0 A for all types) Symbol VZ IZT ZZT IZK ZZK VF IR DVZ IZM Parameter Reverse Zener Voltage @ IZT Reverse Current Maximum Zener Impedance @ IZT Reverse Current Maximum Zener Impedance @ IZK Reverse Leakage Current @ VR Breakdown Voltage Forward Current Forward Voltage @ IF Maximum Surge Current = 25�C Reverse Zener Voltage Change Maximum DC Zener Current IR VF IZT IF I

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA = 25�C unless otherwise noted, 1.2 V Max 1.0 A for all types)

Zener Voltage (Note 2) Device (Note 1) Device Marking VZ (Volts) Min Nom Max @ IZT mA Zener Impedance (Note 2) ZZT @ IZT W ZZK @ IZK W IZK mA Leakage Current VR mA Max Volts

1. TOLERANCE AND TYPE NUMBER DESIGNATION The JEDEC type numbers shown indicate a tolerance �5%. 2. ZENER VOLTAGE (VZ) and IMPEDANCE (IZT and IZK) Test conditions for zener voltage and impedance are as follows: IZ is applied �10 ms prior to reading. Mounting contacts are located to 1/2 from the inside edge of mounting clips to the body of the diode (TA �2�C). 3. SURGE CURRENT (IR) Surge current is specified as the maximum allowable peak, non�recurrent square�wave current with a pulse width, PW, of 8.3 ms. The data given in Figure 6 may be used to find the maximum surge current for a square wave of any pulse width between 1 ms and ms by plotting the applicable points on logarithmic paper. Examples of this, using the 3.3 V and 200 V zener are shown in Figure 7. Mounting contact located as specified in Note 2 (TA �2�C). 4. VOLTAGE REGULATION (DVZ) The conditions for voltage regulation are as follows: VZ measurements are made at 10% and then 50% of the IZ max value listed in the electrical characteristics table. The test current time duration for each VZ measurement 40 �10 ms. Mounting contact located as specified in Note 2 (TA �2�C). 5. MAXIMUM REGULATOR CURRENT (IZM) The maximum current shown is based on the maximum voltage a 5% type unit, therefore, it applies only to the B�suffix device. The actual IZM for any device may not exceed the value of 5 watts divided by the actual VZ of the device. at 3/8 maximum from the device body. *Not Available in the 2000/Ammo Pack.



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ON Semiconductor - ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON) is driving energy efficient innovations, empowering customers to reduce global energy use. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficient power and signal management, logic, discrete and custom solutions to help design engineers solve their unique design challenges in automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, LED lighting, medical, military/aerospace and power supply applications. ON Semiconductor operates a responsive, reliable, world-class supply chain and quality program, and a network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and design centers in key markets throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.

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