203DNQ100 Datasheet

80V 200A Schottky Doubler Diode in a TO-244AB Non-isolated Package


Features, Applications

IF(AV) Rectangular waveform VRRM range IFSM 5 �s sine 100Apk, TJ=125�C (per leg) range A V

Description/ Features The 203DNQ Schottky rectifier doubler module series has been optimized for low reverse leakage at high temperature. The proprietary barrier technology allows for reliable operation 175 �C junction temperature. Typical applications are in high current switching power supplies, plating power supplies, UPS systems, converters, free-wheeling diodes, welding, and reverse battery protection. �C TJ operation High purity, high temperature epoxy encapsulation for enhanced mechanical strength and moisture resistance Low forward voltage drop High frequency operation Guard ring for enhanced ruggedness and long term reliability

Modified JEDEC Outline TO-244AB Dimensions in millimeters and (inches)
VR Max. DC Reverse Voltage (V) VRWM Max. Working Peak Reverse Voltage (V)

IF(AV) Max. Average Forward Current * See Fig. 5 (Per Device) A 5�s Sine or 3�s Rect. pulse Following any rated load condition and with 10ms Sine or 6ms Rect. pulse rated V applied RRM = 25 �C, IAS = 1 Amps, 30 mH Current decaying linearly to zero in 1 �sec Frequency limited by TJ max. x VR typical I FSM Max. Peak One Cycle Non-Repetitive Surge Current (Per Leg) * See Fig. 7 EAS IAR Non-Repetitive Avalanche Energy (Per Leg) Repetitive Avalanche Current (Per Leg)

VFM Max. Forward Voltage Drop (Per Leg) * See Fig. 1 (1)
Max. Reverse Leakage Current (Per Leg) * See Fig. 2 (1)

VF(TO) Threshold Voltage CT LS Forward Slope Resistance Max. Junction Capacitance (Per Leg) Typical Series Inductance

= 5VDC (test signal range 1MHz) 25�C From top of terminal hole to mounting plane
dv/dt Max. Voltage Rate of Change (Rated VR )
TJ Tstg Max. Junction Temperature Range Max. Storage Temperature Range
175 �C DCoperation Mounting surface , smooth and greased * See Fig. 4

RthJC Max. Thermal Resistance Junction 0.40 �C/W to Case (Per Leg) RthJC Max. Thermal Resistance Junction 0.20 �C/W to Case (Per Package) RthCS Typical Thermal Resistance, Case 0.10 �C/W to Heatsink wt Approximate Weight (2.80) g (oz.) Kg-cm T Mounting Torque Min. 24 (20) (Ibf-in) Max. 35 (30) Mounting Torque Center Hole Typ. 13.5 (12) Terminal Torque Min. 35 (30) Max. 46 (40) Case Style - 244AB Isolated

Fig. 2 - Typical Values Of Reverse Current Vs. Reverse Voltage (Per Leg)
Reverse Voltage - VR (V) Fig. 3 - Typical Junction Capacitance Vs. Reverse Voltage (Per Leg)
Fig. 1 - Max. Forward Voltage Drop Characteristics (Per Leg)
Single Pulse (Thermal Resistance) Notes: 1. Duty factor t1/ t2
Fig. 4 - Max. Thermal Impedance Z thJC Characteristics (Per Leg)



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