232266056592 Datasheet

PTC Thermistors For Overload And Overcurrent Protection


Features, Applications


Different voltages to be chosen in function of the application Available in three mechanical versions: naked discs leaded and coated taped, on reel (to diameter 12.5 mm) Wide range of trip and non-trip currents: from 4.5 A for the trip current Wide range of resistance: from 3 k Small ratio between trip and non-trip currents (It/Int at 25 �C) High maximum inrush current Excellent long term behaviour, also in humidity Leaded parts withstand mechanical stresses and vibration UL approved PTCs are guaranteed to withstand severe test programmes including: � long-life cycle tests (over 5000 trip cycles) � long-life storage tests (3000 hours at 250 �C) � electrical cycle tests at low ambient temperatures or 0 �C) � damp-heat and water immersion tests � overvoltage tests 200% of rated voltage. UL file E148885 according to XGPU2 standard UL1434.

PARAMETER Switch temperature; note 1 Maximum voltage; note Temperature range: Climatic category: Notes types, have a 155�C switch temperature. types, have 120 �C switch temperature. 3. Rated voltages are respectively: 48 V (AC or DC) 120 V (AC or DC) 230 V (AC or DC). 265 V (DC) V (DC) V (RMS) V (RMS) VALUE 140 UNIT �C


Telecommunications Automotive systems Industrial electronics Consumer electronics Electronic data processing


These directly heated thermistors have a positive temperature coefficient and are primarily intended for overload protection. They consist of a naked disc or with two tinned brass or copper clad steel leads and coated.

All tape and reel specifications are in accordance with "IEC 60286-3".

VERY LOW VOLTAGE TYPES 20 V ELECTRICAL DATA AND ORDERING INFORMATION for 66. 5...4; max. voltage 20 V (ac or dc)(1)

LOW VOLTAGE TYPES 60 V ELECTRICAL DATA AND ORDERING INFORMATION for 66. 4/5/6...1; max. voltage 60 V (ac or dc)(1)

MAINS VOLTAGE TYPES 145 V ELECTRICAL DATA AND ORDERING INFORMATION for 66. 4/5/6...2; max. voltage 145 V (ac or dc)(1)

MAINS VOLTAGE TYPES 265 V ELECTRICAL DATA AND ORDERING INFORMATION for 66. 4/5/6...3; max. voltage 265 V (ac or dc)(1)



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