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RS-232 Transmission Lines Catagory 3 Systems Control & Monitoring Systems Analog Signal Transmissions Telemetry Outstations IEC COMPA TIBILITY (EN61000-4) 61000-4-2 (ESD): Air - 15kV, Contact 8kV 61000-4-4 (EFT): 5/50ns 61000-4-5 (Surge): 48A, L4(Line-Line) FEA TURES 4 Wire Line-Ground Protection Designed for EIA Standard RS-232 Data Lines Permanent Two-Stage Two (2) Line Pair or Four (4) Line Protection Subnanosecond Response Time Automatic Reset - Does Not Interupt Service Effective Against Lightning, Inductive Switching and ESD MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS Weight: - 142 grams, - 28 grams (Approximate) Flammability Rating UL 94V-0 Device Marking: Logo, Part Number & Terminal Designations DESCRIPTION

The is a two-stage transient voltage protector the provides primary and secondary protection against lightning, inductive switching and electrostatic discharge (ESD) transient threats. The first stage diverts the transient current through the ground terminal return path and the second stage clamps the voltage to a safe level without interuption of service. The 232B/E is designed to protect two line pairs or four (4) data lines from common-mode (line-to-ground) lightning or switching transients. The datalines are isolated to prevent near or far end cross talk problems. This product can also be used on data and transmission lines, security, timing and control interface circuits.

Peak Operatiing Line Voltage (VOP) �25V 200mA Operating Line Current (IO) 10kV Maximum Transient Voltage Maximum Transient Current (8/20�s waveform) Operating & Storage Temperature Response Time < 1 nanosecond

There are five (5) terminals on both the line and equipment side of the 232E - four data line terminals and two ground terminals. Both ground terminals, as shown on the label, are connected internally. A single ground connection is sufficient. However, it is recommended that both ground connections be used for a lower impedance path to earth. This connection can be made through the green AC power ground wire or a known earth ground. The ground wire should be #14 stranded wire. Incoming data lines are to cut or disconnected from the equipment to insert the 232E product. The line side of the terminals are to be connected to data lines from the outside world or lines that carry the transient threats into the equipment to be protected. The equipment side of the terminals are to be connected to the equipment to be protected. The location of the product should be such that these wires are as short as possible. or 20 gauge wire can be used for these connections. Protectors should be installed at both ends of the data lines, at the point of entry to buildings. Use the shortest possible connection to a low impedance earth ground. Proper grounding and bonding are essential for computer installation applications. The 232B circuit board requires an edge connector interface for installation. The circuit board should be located at the building interface for incoming lines from the outside world. Both the 232B and 232E can be mounted on a data line circuit panel which must be hard wired to the incoming data lines. Unprotected input lines and ground wires are to be separated from protected output lines to prevent electromagnetic coupling of noise from high transient currents on the input lines. ProTek's data line protector is designed with a short circuit failure mode to give maximum protection. A fuse, fussable link, or circuit breaker is recommended for each data/signal line on the input (line) side of the protector for those applications that require an open circuit failure mode. Caution: A low DC resistance ground may not be indicative of a good lightning ground. Lightning contains a broad spectrum of frequencies to 1 MHz. A low impedance path to ground at the transient frequencies is necessary. A ground strap is recommended a #6 AWG stranded wire. For wire lengths over 1.5 meters, there may be some excessive line to earth potential under severe thunderstorm conditions. For these applications, an additional protector may be necessary at the equipment interface.

2 #6 Screws Terminal Strip 1.19" MAX (30.2mm) OUTPUT Connected to Transmit/Receive Circuits Note: I/O contacts spaced 0.156" (3.96mm) centers.

CONTINUITY INPUT OUTPUT INPUT Connected to Line From Outside World

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