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Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors, Tantamount Leadless Molded


Features, Applications

Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors, Tantamount� Leadless Molded

0805 Footprint 1.2mm and 1.55mm Max. Height Wraparound tin terminations 8mm tape and reel packaging available per EIA-481-1 and reeling per IEC 7" [178mm] standard. 13" [330mm] available.

Operating Temperature: + 85�C (To + 125�C voltage derating) Capacitance Range: to 47�F Capacitance Tolerance: standard Voltage Rating: to 10WVDC

010 DC VOLTAGE RATING + 85�C This is expressed in volts. To complete the three-digit block, zeros precede the voltage rating. A decimal point is indicated by an "R" = 6.3 volts).

P CASE CODE See Ratings and Case Codes Table.

2 TERMINATION 2 = Solderable coating. Standard. 4 = Gold plated 8 = Solder Plated (60/ 40) Special Order.

_ REEL SIZE AND PACKAGING T = Tape and reel* 7" [178mm] reel =13" [330mm] reel *Cathode nearest sprocket hole.

This is expressed in picofarads. The first two digits are the significant figures. The third is the number of zeros to follow.

Note: Preferred Tolerance and Reel size are in bold.

1. Operating Temperature: Capacitors are designed to operate over the temperature range 85�C. 6.1 Measurements shall be made by the bridge method at, or referred to, a frequency of 120Hz and a temperature 25�C. 7. Leakage Current: Capacitors shall be stabilized at the rated temperature for 30 minutes. Rated voltage shall be applied to capacitors for 5 minutes using a steady source of power (such as a regulated power supply) with 1000 ohm resistor connected in series with the capacitor under test to limit the charging current. Leakage current shall then be measured.

Note that the leakage current varies with applied voltage. See graph below for the appropriate adjustment factor.

1.1 Capacitors may be operated + 125�C with voltage derating to two-thirds the + 85�C rating.


DC Working Voltage: The DC working voltage is the maximum operating voltage for continuous duty at the rated temperature.

Surge Voltage: The surge DC rating is the maximum voltage to which the capacitors may be subjected under any conditions, including transients and peak ripple at the highest line voltage.

3.1 Surge Voltage Test: Capacitors shall withstand the surge voltage applied in series with a 33 ohm � 5% resistor at the rate of one-half minute on, one-half minute off, + 85�C, for 1000 successive test cycles.

3.2 Following the surge voltage test, the dissipation factor and the leakage current shall meet the initial require ments; the capacitance shall not have changed more than 10%. 4. Capacitance Tolerance: The capacitance of all capacitors shall be within the specified tolerance limits of the normal rating.

4.1 Capacitance measurements shall be made by means of polarized capacitance bridge. The polarizing voltage shall be of such magnitude that there shall be no reversal of polarity due to the AC component. The maximum voltage applied to capacitors during measure ment shall be 2 volts rms 25�C. If the AC voltage applied is less than one-half volt rms, no DC bias is required. Accuracy of the bridge shall be within 2%. 5. Capacitance Change With Temperature: The capacitance change with temperature shall not exceed the following percentage of the capacitance measured 25�C: at

+ 25�C, the leakage current shall not exceed the value listed in the Standard Ratings Table. + 85�C, the leakage current shall not exceed 10 times the value listed in the Standard Ratings Table. + 125�C, the leakage current shall not exceed 12 times the value listed in the Standard Ratings Table.

Dissipation Factor: The dissipation factor, determined from the expression 2fRC, shall not exceed values listed in the Standard Ratings Table.



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