2N4392 Datasheet



Features, Applications


D Low On-Resistance: W D Fast Switching--tON: ns D High Off-Isolation: ID(off) with Low Leakage D Low Capacitance: pF D Low Insertion Loss

Low Error Voltage High-Speed Analog Circuit Performance Negligible "Off-Error," Excellent Accuracy Good Frequency Response, Low Glitches Eliminates Additional Buffering

Analog Switches Choppers Sample-and-Hold Normally "On" Switches Current Limiters Commutators

The 2N/PN/SST4391 series features many of the superior characteristics of JFETs which make it a good choice for demanding analog switching applications and for specialized amplifier circuits. The 2N series hermetically-sealed TO-206AA (TO-18) can is available with processing per MIL-S-19500 (see Military Information). Both the PN, TO-226AA (TO-92), and SST, TO-236 (SOT-23), series are available in tape-and-reel for automated assembly (see Packaging Information). For similar dual products, see the 2N5564/5565/5566 data sheet.

Top View SST4391 (CA)* SST4392 (CB)* SST4393 (CC)* *Marking Code for TO-236

Gate-Drain, Gate-Source Voltage: (2N/PN Prefixes). �40 V (SST Prefix). �35 V Gate Current. 50 mA Lead Temperature. 300 _C Storage Temperature : (2N Prefix). 200 _C (PN/SST Prefixes). 150 _C

Operating Junction Temperature : (2N Prefix). 200 _C (PN/SST Prefixes). 150 _C Power Dissipation : (2N Prefix)a. (TC 1800 mW (PN/SST Prefixes)b. 350 mW

Notes a. Derate 10 mW/_C above 25_C b. Derate 2.8 mW/_C above 25_C
Gate-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate-Source Cutoff Voltage Saturation Drain Currentb
Drain-Source On-Voltage Drain-Source On-Resistance Gate-Source Forward Voltage

Common-Source Forward Transconductance Common-Source Output Conductance Drain-Source On-Resistance Common-Source Input Capacitance

gfs VDS = 1 mA, = 1 kHz gos rDS(on) VGS 0 mA kHz 2N Ciss VDS 20 V, VGS MHz PN SST 2N: VGS V 2N: VGS V 2N: VGS �12 V PN: VGS �5 V Crss VDS MHz PN: VGS �7 V PN: VGS �12 V SST: VGS �5 V SST: VGS �7 V SST: VGS �12 V

2N/PN td(on) Turn-On Time tr td(off) Turn-Off Time tf VDD 10 V VGS(H) 0 V See Switching Circuit SST 2N/PN SST 2N/PN SST 2N/PN SST NCB ns

Notes a. Typical values are for DESIGN AID ONLY, not guaranteed nor subject to production testing. b. Pulse test: v300 ms duty cycle v3%.



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