2SC2497A Datasheet

V<SUB>CEO</SUB>(V) = 50 ;; I<SUB>C</SUB>(A) = 1.5 ;; HFE(min) = 80 ;; HFE(max) = 220 ;; Package = TO-126B-A1


Features, Applications

High collector-emitter voltage (Base open) VCEO TO-126B package which requires no insulation plate for installation to the heat sink

Parameter Collector-base voltage (Emitter open) Collector-emitter voltage 2SC2497 (Base open) 2SC2497A Emitter-base voltage (Collector open) Collector current Peak collector current Collector power dissipation Junction temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCBO VCEO VEBO IC ICP PC Tj Tstg Rating +150 �C

Parameter Collector-base voltage (Emitter open) Collector-emitter voltage (Base open) 2SC2497 2SC2497A ICBO ICEO IEBO hFE VCE(sat) VBE(sat) fT Cob VCB = 0 VCE = 0 VEB = 0 VCE 0.15 A VCB = 200 MHz VCB = 1 MHz 35 80 Symbol VCBO VCEO Conditions = 1 mA, = 2 mA, = 0 Min �A V MHz pF Typ Max Unit V

Collector-base cutoff current (Emitter open) Collector-emitter cutoff current (Base open) Emitter-base cutoff current (Collector open) Forward current transfer ratio

Collector-emitter saturation voltage Base-emitter saturation voltage Transition frequency Collector output capacitance (Common base, input open circuited)

Note) 1. Measuring methods are based on JAPANESE INDUSTRIAL STANDARD JIS C 7030 measuring methods for transistors. 2. *1: Pulse measurement *2: Rank classification Rank hFE to 220


Collector output capacitance C (pF) (Common base, input open circuited) ob



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