3518 Datasheet

Ratiometric, Linear Hall-effect Sensors For High-temperature Operation


Features, Applications


The A3517xUA and A3518xUA are sensitive, temperature-stable linear Hall-effect sensors with greatly improved offset characteristics. Ratiometric, linear Hall-effect sensors provide a voltage output that is proportional to the applied magnetic field and have a quiescent output voltage that is approximately 50% of the supply voltage. These magnetic sensors are ideal for use in linear and rotary position sensing systems in the harsh environments of automotive and industrial applications over extended temperatures to -40�C and +150�C. The A3517xUA features an output sensitivity of 5 mV/G while the A3518xUA has an output sensitivity of 2.5 mV/G. See the Magnetic Characteristics table for complete, individual device parametrics. Each BiCMOS monolithic circuit integrates a Hall element, improved temperature-compensating circuitry to reduce the intrinsic sensitivity drift of the Hall element, a small-signal high-gain amplifier, and a rail-to-rail lowimpedance output stage. A proprietary dynamic offset cancelation technique, with an internal highfrequency clock, reduces the residual offset voltage, which is normally caused by device overmolding, temperature dependancies, and thermal stress. This technique produces devices that have an extremely stable quiescent output voltage, are immune to mechanical stress, and have precise recoverability after temperature cycling. Many problems normally associated with low-level analog signals are minimized by having the Hall element and amplifier in a single chip. Output precision is obtained by internal gain and offset trim adjustments during the manufacturing process. These reduced-cost devices are supplied a 3-pin ultra-mini-SIP "UA" package only.

Pinning is shown viewed from branded side.

Supply Voltage, VCC......................... 8.0 V Output Voltage, VO........................... 8.0 V Output Sink Current, IO.................. 10 mA Magnetic Flux Density, B......... Unlimited Package Power Dissipation, PD.................................... See Graph Operating Temperature Range*, TA Suffix S�.................... to +85�C Suffix L�.................... to +150�C Storage Temperature Range, TS............................. +170�C * Infrequent excursions permitted; see Applications Information.


Temperature-Stable Quiescent Output Voltage Precise Recoverability After Temperature Cycling Output Voltage Proportional to Applied Magnetic Field Ratiometric Rail-to-Rail Output Improved Sensitivity 5.5 V Operation Immune to Mechanical Stress Small Package Size Solid-State Reliability

Always order by complete part number, e.g., A3517SUA.

115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036 Worcester, Massachusetts (508) 853-5000 Copyright 1997, 2002 Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS over operating temperature range, at VCC 5 V (unless otherwise noted).

Limits Characteristic Supply Voltage Supply Current Quiescent Voltage Output Voltage Symbol VCC ICC VOQ VOH VOL Output Source Current Limit Bandwidth (-3 dB) Clock Frequency Output Resistance Wide-Band Output Noise (rms) IOLM to 10 kHz, IO -1 mA, 100 pF Test Conditions Operating = 0, VCC = 1 mA, B = +X*, B = -X*, B = -X*, = 0 Min. � 2.2 Typ. 7.2 2.5 Max. 12 2.8 Units mA V

NOTE 1 � Typical data = 25�C and is for design information only. NOTE 2 � Negative current is defined as coming out of (sourcing) the output. * This test requires positive and negative fields sufficient to swing the output driver between fully OFF and saturated (ON), respectively. It is NOT intended to indicate a range of linear operation.



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