3UA52002A Datasheet

Overload 0.63 to 1


Features, Applications

Type Trip class Phase failure sensitivity by differential phase shift Changeover to automatic reset RESET button with trip-free feature Temperature compensation Switch position indicator Test button actuates the NO and NC contacts Terminal for contactor coil Permissible ambient temperature Degree of protection Shock resistance 3UA66 3UA68

CLASS � Ie from cold state and tA 2 min � Ie from hot state) yes no yes to +552) yes to +55 yes no1) yes no1) yes no1) yes no1) yes no1) yes no1)

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp Type of current, frequency range Conductor cross-sections
Terminal screw solid or stranded finely stranded with end sleeve Flat bars Tightening torque

1) Not required. 2) The upper setting to be reduced by 0.5% per 1�C excess temperature or a min. space to be maintained between the units when several overload relays are series mounted and simultaneously operated at ambient temperatures exceeding 25 �C.

Auxiliary contacts Conductor cross-sections Terminal screw solid or stranded mm2 finely stranded with end mm2 sleeve Tightening torque Nm lb. in Rated insulation voltage Ui (pollution degree 3) V Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp Switching capacity Rated operational voltage Ue Rated operational current Ie Conventional thermal current Ith Short-circuit protection to 6.5

Fuses LV HRC Type 3NA, DIAZED Type 5SA/5SB, NEOZED Type 5SE: utilization category gL/gG 6 A Miniature circuit-breaker (C characteristic): 3 A

Type For overload relay Conductor cross-sections Terminal screw solid or stranded mm2 finely stranded with end sleeve to 16

Trip classes of thermal, delayed magnetic or solid-state overload relays � Excerpt from IEC 947-4
Tripping time tA in seconds � Ie from cold state
Short circuit protection with fuses for motor feeders with short-circuit currents 50/60 Hz

Overload relay Type Permissible short-circuit fuses for motor starters consisting of overload relay and contactor, contactor assembly Fuse links LV HRC Type 3NA DIAZED Type 5SB NEOZED Type 5SE Utilization category gL/gG Setting range A Type A LV HRC Type 3ND Utilization category aM British standards fuses BS 88 Type T u -listed fuses CLASS R K5

Short-circuit protection with circuit breakers, fuseless motor feeders, combination of devices for mounting onto busbars, see "Circuit breakers" and "Fuseless load feeders".



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