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Optimized for Pentium� II processor at 100 MHz system bus frequency; Support for 66 MHz In-order transaction and dynamic deferred transaction support Desktop optimized GTL+ bus driver technology (gated GTL+ receivers for reduced power) Integrated DRAM controller to 256Mbytes Supports 2 double-sided DIMMs (4 rows memory) 64-bit data interface Unbuffered SDRAM (Synchronous) DRAM Support (x1-1-1 access @ 66 MHz, x-1-1-1 access @ 100 MHz) Enhanced SDRAM Open Page Architecture Support for 16- and 64-Mbit DRAM devices with 2k, 4k and 8k page sizes PCI Rev. 2.1, 3.3V and 5V, 33MHz interface compliant PCI Parity Generation Support Data streaming support from PCI to DRAM Delayed Transaction support for PCI-DRAM Reads Supports concurrent CPU, AGP and PCI transactions to main memory

Supports single AGP compliant device (AGP-66/133 3.3V device) AGP Specification Rev 1.0 compliant AGP-data/transaction flow optimized arbitration mechanism AGP side-band interface for efficient request pipelining without interfering with the data streams AGP-specific data buffering Supports concurrent CPU, AGP and PCI transactions to main memory AGP high-priority transactions ("expedite") support Power Management Functions Stop Clock Grant and Halt special cycle translation (host to PCI Bus) Dynamic power down of idle DRAM rows Independent, internal dynamic clock gating reduces average power dissipationt Packaging/Voltage 492 Pin BGA 3.3V core and mixed 3.3V and GTL I/O Supporting I/O Bridge System Management Bus (SMB) with support for DIMM Serial Presence Detect (SPD) PCI-ISA Bridge (PIIX4E) 3.3V core and mixed 5V, 3.3V I/O and interface to the 2.5V CPU signals via open-drain output buffers

The Intel� 440ZX AGPset is intended for the Pentium� II processor platform and emerging 3D graphics/multimedia applications. The 82443ZX Host Bridge provides a Host-to-PCI bridge, optimized DRAM controller and data path, and an Accelerated Graphic Port (AGP) interface. AGP is a high performance, component level interconnect targeted at 3D graphics applications and is based on a set of performance enhancements to PCI. The I/O subsystem portion of the Intel� 440ZX AGPset platform is based on the (PIIX4E), a highly integrated version of the Intel's PCI-ISA bridge family.

The Intel 82443ZX may contain design defects or errors known as errata which may cause the products to deviate from published specifications. Current characterized errata are available on request.



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