4GBUSeries Datasheet

4.0 Amp Single Phase Full Wave Bridge Rectifier


Features, Applications


Diode chips are glass passivated Suitable for Universal hole mounting Easy to assemble & install on P.C.B. High Surge Current Capability High Isolation between terminals and molded case (1500 VRMS) Lead free terminals solderable as per MIL-STD-750 Method 2026 Terminals suitable for high temperature soldering at 260�C for 8-10 secs UL E160375 approved


These GBU Series of Single Phase Bridges consist of four glass passivated silicon junction connected as a Full Wave Bridge. These four junctions are encapsulated by plastic molding technique. These Bridges are mainly used in Switch Mode power supply and in industrial and consumer equipment.

Type number Voltage Code VRRM , max repetitive peak rev. voltage = TJ max. V VRMS , max RMS voltage = TJ max. V IRRM max. @ rated VRRM 25�C �A IRRM max. @ rated VRRM 150�C �A

IO IFSM Maximum DC output current Maximum peak, one-cycle non-repetitive surge current, following any rated load condition and with rated VRRM reapplied I2t VFM IRM VRRM Maximum 2 t for fusing, initial = TJ max Maximum peak forward voltage per diode Typical peak reverse leakage curren t per diode Maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage range = 25 oC, IFM = 25 oC, 100% VRRM = 150�C

TJ Tstg RthJC RthJA W T Operating and storage temperature range Max. thermal resistance junction to case Thermal resistance, junction to ambient Approximate weight Mounting Torque g (oz) Nm Lb.in Bridge to Heatsink 22 �C/ W DC rated current through bridge (1) 4.2 �C/ W DC rated current through bridge (1)

Note (1): Devices mounted 40x 40x1.5mm aluminum plate; use silicon thermal compound for maximum heat transfer and bolt down using 3mm screw

Bridge current Basic Part Number Voltage Code: code 100 = VRRM Lead Forming: 7.5 mm
Add suffix "F" for 7.5 mm equal space lead forming All dimensions are in millimetres



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