4N303S Datasheet

Optocoupler Photodarlington


Features, Applications

The 4N32, 4N33 have a gallium arsenide infrared emitter optically coupled to a silicon planar photodarlington.


High sensitivity to low input drive current Meets or exceeds all JEDEC Registered Specifications VDE 0884 approval available as a test option -add option.300. (e.g., 4N29.300)


Low power logic circuits Telecommunications equipment Portable electronics Solid state relays Interfacing coupling systems of different potentials and impedances.

Parameter TOTAL DEVICE Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Lead Solder Temperature Total Device Power Dissipation = 25�C Derate above 25�C EMITTER Continuous Forward Current Reverse Voltage

(TA = 25�C Unless otherwise specified.) Symbol TSTG TOPR TSOL IF VR IF(pk) PD BVCEO BVCBO BVECO PD IC Value +100 260 for 10 sec Units �C mW mW/�C A mW mW/�C V mW mW/�C mA

Forward Current - Peak (300 �s, 2% Duty Cycle) LED Power Dissipation = 25�C Derate above 25�C DETECTOR Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage Emitter-Collector Breakdown Voltage Detector Power Dissipation = 25�C Derate above 25�C Continuous Collector Current

Parameter EMITTER *Input Forward Voltage *Reverse Leakage Current *Capacitance DETECTOR V *Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage *Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage *Emitter-Collector Breakdown Voltage *Collector-Emitter Dark Current DC Current Gain Test Conditions (IF = 10 mA) (VR 3.0 V) (VF = 1.0 MHz) (IC = 100 �A, = 0) (IC = 100 �A, = 0) (IE = 100 �A, = 0) (VCE 10 V, Base Open) (VCE = 500 �A) Symbol IR C BVCEO BVCBO BVECO ICEO hFE 30 5.0 Min Typ V nA Max 1.5 100 Unit �A pF

DC Characteristic *Collector Output (4N29, 4N30) (IF = 10 mA, VCE 0) IC (CTR) (4N31) *Saturation 4N33) (4N31) (IF = 8.0 mA, = 2.0 mA) VCE(sat) Test Conditions Symbol Min V mA Typ Max Units

AC Characteristic Turn-on 4N31) Bandwidth(4,5) Turn-off Time(3) Test Conditions (IF = 200 mA, = 50 mA, VCC V) (Fig.7) Symbol ton toff BW 30 Min Typ Max 100 40 KHz �s Units

Characteristic Input-Output Isolation *(4N32) *(4N33) Isolation Resistance(6) Isolation Capacitance(6) Test Conditions (II-O 61 �A, Vrms, = 1 min.) VDC (VI-O = 500 VDC) (VI-O MHz) RISO CISO VISO Symbol Min Typ Max Units Vac(rms) 1 pf

Fig. 2 Current Transfer Ratio vs. Ambient Temperature



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