4N35GV1 Datasheet

Optocoupler, Phototransistor Output


Features, Applications


The 4N25(G)V/ 4N35(G)V series consists of a phototransistor optically coupled to a gallium arsenide infrared-emitting diode a 6-lead plastic dual inline package. The elements are mounted on one leadframe using a coplanar technique, providing a fixed distance between input and output for highest safety requirements.


Circuits for safe protective separation against electrical shock according to safety class II (reinforced isolation):

D For appl. class IV at mains voltage V D For appl. class I � III at mains voltage 600 V

according to VDE 0884, table 2, suitable for: Switch-mode power supplies, line receiver, computer peripheral interface, microprocessor system interface.

These couplers perform safety functions according to the following equipment standards:

Safety for mains-operated electronic and related household apparatus Office machines (applied for reinforced isolation for mains voltage 400 VRMS) apparatus and data

Ordering Code CTR Ranking G = Leadform 10.16 mm; G is not marked on the body Remarks
D Rated recurring peak voltage (repetitive) D Creepage current resistance according to

VDE 0303/IEC 112 Comparative Tracking Index: CTI 275 D Thickness through insulation 0.75 mm General features: VIORM = 600 VRMS

VIOTM 6 kV peak D Isolation test voltage (partial discharge test voltage) Vpd kV D Rated isolation voltage (RMS includes DC) VIOWM = 600 VRMS (848 V peak)

D Climatic classification 55/100/21 (IEC 68 part 1) D Special construction:

Therefore, extra low coupling capacity of typical 0.2 pF, high Common Mode Rejection D Low temperature coefficient of CTR D Coupling System A

Parameter Reverse voltage Forward current Forward surge current Power dissipation Junction temperature Test Conditions Symbol VR IF IFSM PV Tj Value Unit mW �C

Parameter Collector emitter voltage Emitter collector voltage Collector current Collector peak current Power dissipation Junction temperature Test Conditions Symbol VCEO IC ICM PV Tj Value Unit mW �C

Parameter Isolation test voltage (RMS) Total power dissipation Ambient temperature range Storage temperature range Soldering temperature Test Conditions = 1 min Tamb 25�C Symbol VIO Ptot Tamb Tstg Tsd Value +125 260 Unit mW �C

Parameter Forward voltage Junction capacitance Test Conditions 50 mA Tamb = 1 MHz Symbol VF Cj Min. Typ. 1.2 50 Max. 1.4 Unit V pF

Parameter Collector emitter voltage Emitter collector voltage Collector emitter cut-off current Test Conditions 100 mA VCE = 0, Tamb = 100�C VCE = 0, Tamb = 100�C Symbol VCEO VECO ICEO Min. 32 7 Typ. Max. Unit V nA

Parameter Collector emitter saturation voltage Cut-off frequency Coupling capacitance Test Conditions = 50 mA, 2 mA VCE = 10 mA, = 1 MHz Symbol VCEsat fc Ck Min. Typ. Max. 0.3 Unit V kHz pF

Parameter IC/IF Test Conditions VCE 10 mA Type 4N25(G)V 4N35(G)V VCE = 10 mA, 4N35(G)V Tamb = 100�C Symbol CTR Min. 1.00 0.40 Typ. 1 1.5 Max. Unit



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