4N35REV2 Datasheet

6-pin Dip Optoisolators Transistor Output


Features, Applications

The 4N35, 4N36 and 4N37 devices consist of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a monolithic silicon phototransistor detector. Current Transfer Ratio 100% Minimum @ Specified Conditions Guaranteed Switching Speeds Meets or Exceeds all JEDEC Registered Specifications To order devices that are tested and marked per VDE 0884 requirements, the suffix "V" must be included at end of part number. VDE is a test option. Applications General Purpose Switching Circuits Interfacing and coupling systems of different potentials and impedances Regulation Feedback Circuits Monitor & Detection Circuits Solid State Relays MAXIMUM RATINGS (TA = 25�C unless otherwise noted)

Rating INPUT LED Reverse Voltage Forward Current Continuous LED Power Dissipation = 25�C with Negligible Power in Output Detector Derate above 25�C OUTPUT TRANSISTOR Collector�Emitter Voltage Emitter�Base Voltage Collector�Base Voltage Collector Current Continuous Detector Power Dissipation = 25�C with Negligible Power in Input LED Derate above 25�C TOTAL DEVICE Isolation Source Voltage(1) (Peak ac Voltage, 60 Hz, 1 sec Duration) Total Device Power Dissipation = 25�C Derate above 25�C Ambient Operating Temperature Range(2) Storage Temperature Range(2) Soldering Temperature (10 sec, 1/16 from case) VISO PD TA Tstg +150 260 Vac(pk) mW mW/�C �C VCEO VEBO VCBO IC PD Volts mA mW mW/�C IF PD Volts mA mW mW/�C 2 3 Symbol Value Unit 1


1. Isolation surge voltage is an internal device dielectric breakdown rating. 1. For this test, Pins 1 and 2 are common, and Pins 4, 5 and 6 are common. 2. Refer to Quality and Reliability Section in Opto Data Book for information on test conditions.

Preferred devices are Motorola recommended choices for future use and best overall value.
Optoelectronics Device Data �Motorola Motorola, Inc. 1995
Characteristic INPUT LED Forward Voltage (IF = 10 mA) VF V Symbol Min Typ(1) Max Unit

Reverse Leakage Current (VR 6 V) Capacitance = 1 MHz) OUTPUT TRANSISTOR Collector�Emitter Dark Current (VCE = 25�C) Collector�Emitter Dark Current (VCE = 100�C) Collector�Base Dark Current (VCB 10 V) Collector�Emitter Breakdown Voltage (IC = 1 mA) Collector�Base Breakdown Voltage (IC = 100 �A) Emitter�Base Breakdown Voltage (IE = 100 �A) DC Current Gain (IC = 2 mA, VCE 5 V) Collector�Emitter Capacitance = 1 MHz, VCE = 0) Collector�Base Capacitance = 1 MHz, VCB = 0) Emitter�Base Capacitance = 1 MHz, VEB = 0) COUPLED Output Collector Current (IF = 10 mA, VCE = 100�C

Collector�Emitter Saturation Voltage (IC = 0.5 mA, = 10 mA) Turn�On Time Turn�Off Time Rise Time Fall Time Isolation Voltage = 60 Hz, = 1 sec) Isolation Current(4) (VI�O = 3550 Vpk) Isolation Current (VI�O = 2500 Vpk) Isolation Current (VI�O = 1500 Vpk) Isolation Resistance 500 V)(4) Isolation Capacitance 4N36 4N37 (IC = 2 mA, VCC 100 )(3)

Always design to the specified minimum/maximum electrical limits (where applicable). Current Transfer Ratio (CTR) = IC/IF x 100%. For test circuit setup and waveforms, refer to Figure 11. For this test, Pins 1 and 2 are common, and Pins 4, 5 and 6 are common.


Figure 1. LED Forward Voltage versus Forward Current
Figure 2. Output Current versus Input Current
Figure 3. Collector Current versus Collector�Emitter Voltage
Figure 4. Output Current versus Ambient Temperature
Figure 5. Dark Current versus Ambient Temperature
Figure 6. Rise and Fall Times (Typical Values)



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