550D226X9050S2 Datasheet

Solid Tantalum Capacitors, Solid-electrolyte TANTALEX®, For High Frequency Power Supplies, Hermetically Sealed, Low Esr, Axial Leads


Features, Applications

Solid-Electrolyte TANTALEX� Capacitors for High Frequency Power Supplies

Hermetically-sealed, axial-lead solid tantalum capacitors Small size and long life Exceptional capacitance stability and excellent resistance to severe environmental conditions The military equivalent is the CSR21 which is qualified to MIL-C-39003/09

Designed for power supply filtering applications at above 100kHz

Operating Temperature: + 85�C. (To + 125�C with voltage derating.) Capacitance Tolerance: At 120 Hz, � 20% and � 10% standard. � 5% available as a special. Dissipation Factor: At 120 Hz, + 25�C. Dissipation factor, as determined from the expression 2fRC, shall not exceed the values listed in the Standard Ratings Tables. DC Leakage Current (DCL Max.): + 25�C: Leakage current shall not exceed the values listed in the Standard Ratings Tables.

+ 85�C: Leakage current shall not exceed 10 times the values listed in the Standard Ratings Tables. At +125�C: Leakage current shall not exceed 15 times the values listed in the Standard Ratings Tables. Life Test: Capacitors shall withstand rated DC voltage applied + 85�C for 2000 hours or derated DC voltage applied + 125�C for 1000 hours. Following the life test: 1. DCL shall not exceed 125% of the initial requirement. 2. Dissipation Factor shall meet the initial requirement. 3. Change in capacitance shall not exceed � 5%.

550D MODEL R DC VOLTAGE CASE STYLE NUMBER RATING + 85�C CODE This is expressed in This is expressed in picofarads. The � 20% See Ratings 2 = Insulated volts. To complete the first two digits are the significant figures. � 10% sleeve. and Case three-digit block, zeros Codes Table. The third is the number of zeros � 5% precede the voltage follow. Standard capacitance ratings Special Order. rating. are in accordance with EIA preferred number series wherever possible. 157 CAPACITANCE X0 CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE T PACKAGING T = Tape and Reel

*When a shrink-fitted insulation is used, it shall lap over the ends of the capacitor body.
Solid-Electrolyte Capacitors for High Frequency Power Supplies

CAPACITANCE (�F) CASE CODE PART NUMBER* CAP. TOL. � 20% PART NUMBER* CAP. TOL. � 10% MAX. DCL + 25�C (�A) MAX. 25�C 1kHz MAX. ESR 25�C 100kHz (Ohms)

50 WVDC + 85�C, SURGE V. 33 WVDC + 125�C, SURGE 550D226X9050S2 22.0 *Insert capacitance tolerance code "X5" for � 5% units (special order). Document Number: 40017 Revision 13-Jun-02

13 [330.2] STANDARD REEL TAPE SPACING to 78.0] I.D. REEL HUB 92.1] A

1. Component Leads: a. Component leads shall not be bent beyond 0.047" [1.19mm] maximum from their nominal position when measured from the leading edge of the component lead at the inside tape edge and at the lead egress from the component. b. The 'C' dimension shall be governed by the overall length of the reel packaged component. The distance between flanges shall to 6.35mm] greater than the overall component length. 2. Orientation: a. All polarized components must be oriented to one direction. The cathode lead tape shall be a color and the anode lead tape shall be white. 3. Reeling: a. Components on any reel shall not represent more two date codes when date code identification is required. b. Component leads shall be positioned between pairs 0.250" [6.35mm] tape. c. The disposable reels have hubs with corrugated fiber board flanges and core or equivalent. d. A minimum 12" [304.8mm] leader of tape shall be provided before the first and after the last component on the reel. or 60 lb. Kraft paper must be wound between layer of components as far as necessary for component protection. Width of paper to 6.35mm] less than the 'C' dimension of the reel.

f. A row of components must be centered between tapes [1.19mm]. In addition, individual components may deviate from center of component row [0.79mm]. g. Staples shall not be used for splicing. Not more than 4 layers of tape shall be used in any splice area and no tape shall be offset from another by more than 0.031" [0.79mm] non-cumulative. Tape splices shall overlap at least 6" [152.4mm] for butt joints and at least 3" [76.2mm] for lap joints and shall not be weaker than unspliced tape. Universal splicing clips may also be used. h. Quantity per reel shall be controlled so that tape components and cover shall not extend beyond the smallest dimension of the flange (either across flats or diameter). Once the quantity per reel for each part number has been established, future orders for that part number shall be packaged in that quantity. When order or release quantity is less than the established quantity, a standard commercial pack to be used. i. A maximum 0.25% of the components per reel quantity may be missing without consecutive missing components. j. Adequate protection must be provided to prevent physical damage to both reel and components during shipment and storage. 4. Marking: a. Minimum reel and carton marking shall consist of the following: Customer Part Number, Purchase Order No., Quantity, Package Date, Manufacturer's name, Electrical Value, Date Code, Vishay Sprague Part Number and Country of Origin.



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