593D107X_6R3C2_ Datasheet

Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors, Tantamount® Commercial, Low Esr, Designed For Switch Mode Power Supplies & Converters, Molded Case Available in Three Case Codes, Automatic Pick & Place Compatible,


Features, Applications

Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors Tantamount� Commercial, Surface Mount for Switch Mode Power Supplies and Converters


Molded case available in five case codes. Compatible with "High Volume" automatic pick and place equipment. High Ripple Current carrying capability. Low ESR. Meets EIA 535BAAE and IEC Specification QC300801/ US0001.

Operating Temperature: + 85�C. (To +125�C with voltage derating.) Capacitance Range: to 680�F. Capacitance Tolerance: standard. Compliant Terminations 100% Surge Current Tested (C, & E Case Sizes) Voltage Rating: 4 WVDC to 50 WVDC.

593D TYPE 107 CAPACITANCE X9 CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE � 5% (Special Order) 010 DC VOLTAGE RATING + 85�C This is expressed in volts. To complete the three-digit block, zeros precede the voltage rating. A decimal point is indicated by an "R" = 6.3 volts). D CASE CODE See Ratings and Case Codes Table. 2 TERMINATION 2 = Solderable coating. Standard. W REEL SIZE AND PACKAGING T = Tape and reel* 7" [178mm] reel 13" [330mm] reel *Cathode nearest sprocket hole.

This is expressed in picofarads. The first two digits are the significant figures. The third is the number of zeros to follow.

Note: Preferred Tolerance and reel sizes are in bold. We reserve the right to supply higher voltage ratings and tighter capacitance tolerance capacitors in the same case size. Voltage substitutions will be marked with the higher voltage rating.

Std. D A A/B A*/B B/C C*/D D D/E D*/E* A/B A*B B/C C*/D D/E A/B A*/B B/C B*/C* C*/D D/E A*/B B B/C B*/C C D D/E D*/E B/C C C* D/E C* D D/E C* 4V Ext. Std. 6.3V Ext. 10V Std. Ext. Std. 16V Ext. 20V Std. Ext. Std. 25V Ext. 35V Std. Ext. E* D/E E Std. 50V Ext.

CONSTRUCTION MARKING Capacitance Code, pF Vishay Sprague Logo "A" Case Polarity Band Volts
Cathode Termination - ) Polarity Stripe Epoxy Case

Capacitor marking will include an anode polarity band, capacitance in microfarads and the voltage rating + 85�C. 'A' Case capacitors use a letter code for the voltage and EIA capacitance code. The Sprague� trademark may be included if space permits. Units rated 6.3 V shall be marked V. A manufacturing date code is marked on all case codes. Call the factory for further explanation.

Preliminary values, contact factory for availability. For 10% tolerance, specify "9"; for 20% tolerance, change to "0". Extended Ratings in bold print.



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