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ATM/SMDS/Frame Relay


Features, Applications

The is a highly integrated, single-chip ATM controller that performs all user-to-network interface (UNI) functions from the system bus to the physical media dependent (PMD) interface for cells over SONET applications. The �PD98405 complies with the lastest ATM industry standards, supports all classes of service (including ABR), and provides assist functions in hardware for LAN emulation.

E S ATM layer and adaptation layer functions with SONET/SDH (STS-3c/STM-1) TC layer and clock recovery circuitry integrated into a single chip ABR as well as CBR, VBR, and UBR classes of service in compliance with the latest ATM industry standards UTOPIA interface for connectivity to a variety of PHY layer devices E3) 64K VCs/VPs with to 30K connections active simultaneously (30K packets processed simultaneously) LAN emulation assist functions in hardware that relieve the host processor from many tasks and lead to higher system performance Single-cell and multicell burst transfers over the PCI bus for optimal host bus utilization and improved overall system performance 96-cell receive FIFO to prevent cell loss in high-latency system bus environments Extremely flexible buffer management scheme for efficient host memory utilization On-chip multiple transmit buffer queues for per-VC queueing applications

HOST INTERFACE 32-/64-bit PCI bus interface with or 5-volt power supply and clock speeds to 33 MHz Optional 32-bit generic bus interface with 3.3-volt power source, clock speeds to 33 MHz, and 5-volt tolerant input signals

C E Optional UTOPIA interface for connectivity to external PHY circuitry

GENERAL MIB counters to aid in network management Three loopback modes to isolate problems JTAG boundary scan option for automatic testing Low-power, 0.35-�m CMOS technology, 3.3-volt supply, and 5-volt tolerant inputs 304-pin plastic QFP package

MEDIA INTERFACE Differential PECL signals for direct interface to an optical or electrical transceiver

N S ATM adapter cards for servers and workstations ATM uplink modules for routes and LAN switches ATM switches/hubs Concentrators and remote access devices

Receive Data FIFO (96 cells) DMA Output Block Receive Controller PCI/ Generic Interface

Transmit Controller DMA Input Block Transmit Data FIFO (10 cells) DMA Block Transmit Queue Buffer Transmit UTOPIA Interface

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Line Interface Clock Recovery and Clock Synthesizer



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