5STB25U5200 Datasheet

Bi-directional Control Thyristorbi-directional Control Thyristor


Features, Applications

Two thyristors integrated into one wafer Patented free-floating silicon technology Designed for energy and industrial applications Optimum power handling capability Interdigitated amplifying gate.

The electrical and thermal data are valid for one thyristor half of the device.
Max. leakage current IRM VRM, Tvj = 110�C VRM is equal to the VSM value 95 �C
Symbol Conditions FM a Device unclamped Device clamped

Air strike distance 22 1) Maximum rated values indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur

ABB Switzerland Ltd, Semiconductors reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

Parameter Average on-state current RMS on-state current Peak non-repetitive surge current Limiting load integral Peak non-repetitive surge current Limiting load integral

Symbol Conditions IT(AV)M IT(RMS) ITSM I2t ITSM = 10 ms, Tvj = 110 �C, = 8.3 ms, Tvj = 110 �C, 0 V Half sine wave, = 70�C

Parameter On-state voltage Threshold voltage Slope resistance Holding current Latching current
Parameter Critical rate of rise of onstate current Critical rate of rise of onstate current
Symbol Conditions di/dtcrit Tvj = 110 �C, ITRM VD 0.67 VRM, IFG 0.5 �s Cont. 50 Hz Cont. = 1Hz

Parameter Peak forward gate voltage Max. rated peak forward gate current Peak reverse gate voltage Max. rated peak forward gate power

Symbol Conditions VFGM IFGM VRGM For DC gate current PGM

Parameter Gate trigger voltage Gate trigger current Gate non-trigger voltage Gate non-trigger current

Storage temperature range Tstg Parameter Symbol Conditions Double-side cooled Anode-side cooled Cathode-side cooled Double-side cooled Single-side cooled

Thermal resistance junction Rth(j-c) to case Rth(j-c)A Rth(j-c)C Thermal resistance case to Rth(c-h) heatsink Rth(c-h)



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