74HC153D,653 Datasheet

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The 74HC153D,653 are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with low power SchottkyTTL (LSTTL). They are specified in compliance with JEDEC standard no. 7A.The 74HC153D,653 have two identical 4-input multiplexers which select two bits of data from up to four sources selected by common data select inputs (S0, S1). The two 4-input multiplexer circuits have individual active LOW output enable inputs (1E, 2E) which can be used to strobe the outputs independently. The outputs (1Y, 2Y) are forced LOW when the corresponding output enable inputs are HIGH. The “153” is the logic implementation of a 2-pole, 4-position switch, where the position of the switch isdetermined by the logic levels applied to S0 and S1.The logic equations for the outputs are: 1Y = 1E.(1I0.S1.S0 +1I1.S1.S0 + +1I2.S1.S0 +1I3.S1.S0) 2Y = 2E.(2I0.S1.S0 +2I1.S1.S0 + +2I2.S1.S0 +2I3.S1.S0) The “153” can be used to move data to a common output bus from a group of registers. The state of the select inputs would determine the particular register from which the data came. An alternative application is a functiongenerator. The device can generate two functions or three variables. This is useful for implementing highly irregular random logic. The “153” is similar to the “253” but has standard outputs. 74HC153D,653 Features • Non-inverting output• Separate enable for each output• Common select inputs• See ‘253” for 3-state version• Permits multiplexing from n lines to1 line• Enable line provided for cascading(n lines to 1 line)• Output capability: standard• ICC category: MSI


[{"Name":" Propagation Delay Time:","Value":"145 ns at 2 V, 29 ns at 4.5 V, 25 ns at 6 V"},{"Name":" Supply Voltage - Max:","Value":"6 V"},{"Name":"Supply Voltage - Min:","Value":"2 V"},{"Name":"Maximum Operating Temperature:","Value":"+ 125 C"},{"Name":"Minimum Operating Temperature:","Value":"- 40 C"},{"Name":" Number of Input Lines:","Value":"8"},{"Name":"Number of Output Lines:","Value":"2"},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""}]

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