269-B-230-F1480-B Datasheet

269-Type 14xx NM Pump Laser Module With Fiber Grating


Features, Applications

14xx nm Pump Laser Module with Fiber Grating
Raman pump modules (RPM) Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA)

The 269-type pump laser module with fiber grating represents a family of thermoelectrically cooled, high-power lasers. These modules utilize a fiber Bragg grating to achieve stable wavelength performance within the 1510 nm range, over the full operating temperature range. They are designed as continuous-wave (CW) optical pump sources for dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) EDFA and Raman applications operating in the C- and L-bands. The 269-type laser modules with polarization-maintaining fiber are particularly suitable for use in RPM designs requiring the high-power combinations of multiple pumps. The laser optical spectrum is locked by the fiber grating over a wide optical power range. The optical spectrum is very narrow and the peak wavelength is nearly insensitive to temperature variations and back reflections. The laser modules incorporate a high-power, quantum-well laser chip that achieves grating-stabilized fiber powers ranging to 280 mW. An integral thermoelectric cooler (TEC) stabilizes the laser at room temperature and, combined with a hermetic environment, allows the device to achieve high-power operation over the extended temperature range to 75 �C. An internal InGaAs PIN photodiode, mounted behind the laser diode, functions as the laser detector and monitors light emissions from the rear facet of the laser. The 269-type module is offered a 14-pin, hermetic butterfly package.

Offering superior wavelength stability, the 269-type pump laser module with fiber grating is designed as a continuouswave (CW) optical pump source for erbium-doped fiber amplifiers and Raman pump modules.


High-coupled rated output power to 280 mW, CW Available with fiber grating for wavelength stability (1420 nm--1510 nm) Wide environmental range Field-proven packaging technology InGaAsP/InP high-power, strained multiple quantum-well (MQW) chip design Internal thermoelectric cooler (TEC) InGaAs PIN photodetector back-facet monitor Single-mode and polarization-maintaining fiber pigtails Compact, 14-pin butterfly package Industry compatible package and pinout

14xx nm Pump Laser Module with Fiber Grating

Stresses in excess of the absolute maximum ratings can cause permanent damage to the device. These are absolute stress ratings only. Functional operation of the device is not implied at these or any other conditions in excess of those given in the operational sections of the data sheet. Exposure to absolute maximum ratings for extended periods can adversely affect device reliability. Parameter Operating Case Temperature Range Storage Case Temperature Range Laser Forward Bias (TEC on): mW--280 mW Laser Reverse Voltage Photodiode Reverse Voltage TEC Current TEC Voltage Temperature Sensor Current Laser Diode Operating Chip Temperature Symbol TC Tstg IF Min 0 �40 Max Unit mA �C

CAUTION: This device is susceptible to damage as a result of electrostatic discharge (ESD). Take proper precautions during both handling and testing. Follow guidelines such as EIA * Standard EIA 625. Agere Systems Inc. employs a human-body model (HBM) for ESD-susceptibility testing and protection-design evaluation. ESD voltage thresholds are dependent on the critical parameters used to define the model. A standard HBM (resistance 1.5 k, capacitance = 100 pF) is widely used and, therefore, can be used for comparison purposes. The HBM ESD withstand voltage established for the 269-type laser pump module �500 V.

14xx nm Pump Laser Module with Fiber Grating

Table 1. Electrical/Optical Characteristics (All performance parameters are specified for IF, OP , TSET = 25 �C, TCASE ~ 25 �C, unless otherwise specified.) Parameter Operating Optical Power Wavelength: Target Wavelength Center Wavelength RMS Spectral Width BOL Operating Laser Forward Current: 150 mW BOL Operating Laser Forward Current: 200 mW BOL Operating Laser Forward Current: 280 mW EOL Operating Laser Forward Current EOL Laser Diode Forward Voltage Polarization Extinction Ratio Symbol t C IF, OP BOL IF, OP BOL IF, OP BOL IF, OP EOL x IF, OP BOL dB mA Conditions �C PO Min � 1.5 Typ Max + 1.5 Unit mW nm

Table 2. Monitor Photodiode Characteristics (All test parameters are specified for IF, OP, TSET = 25 �C, TCASE 25 �C unless otherwise specified.) Parameter Monitor Diode Current Monitor Diode Dark Current Symbol IBF ID Conditions = 0 Min 200 Max 2000 100 Unit �A nA



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